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Primary schools face tougher targets

Hundreds more primary schools in England could be labelled as underperforming and could be turned into academies, as the government raises its targets for test results....More... ...
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School entry appeals 'may be unfair'

Parents whose children fail to get into academies or faith schools in England may not get a fair right of appeal, says an official legal watchdog....More... ...
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Higher education groups call for more funding after British universities suffer in rankings

Higher education groups have called for more funding after British universities fared worse than usual in a new list of the world’s best institutions....More... ...
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East Asia universities 'gain ground'

Universities in East Asia are gaining ground on their western counterparts, according to the latest university rankings....More... ...
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Sheffield ‘£120m overseas students’

A study, using Sheffield as an example, shows overseas students are a major contributor to the economy of university towns and cities....More... ...
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Private schools to train state staff

Two leading private schools have been selected as teaching schools to train teachers for the state sector in England....More... ...
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Clegg son to attend state school

Nick Clegg is to send his eldest son to a Catholic state school in London, where two of Tony Blair's children were educated....More... ...
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VIDEO: Do you know Brunel and Magna Carta?

Michael Gove is planning to change the way history is taught in schools across England with critics claiming it is taking a step back to previous learning and teaching patterns....More... ...
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Troubled families scheme 'working'

A programme aiming to turn around the lives of the most troubled families in England is showing results, ministers say....More... ...
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Education reforms 'failed the poor'

Fifty years of education reforms have failed to significantly improve exam results of the disadvantaged in Scotland, says a major new report....More... ...
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