BSME Music & Drama Conference 2017

We are offering a two day conference curated for music and drama teachers at KS3-5. The event will feature a selection of interactive workshops, seminars and lectures to invigorate your teaching, keep you up to date with current thinking in the sector and save you time by presenting a number of ready-to-go lesson plans, schemes of work and resources.

With separate streams for music and drama, you will receive specialist training across KS3-5 material, covering:

- Practical activities, lesson plans and schemes of work ideas you can immediately take away and implement in the classroom

- Insights into the latest research, educational trends and approaches

- Advice and guidance on curriculum and assessment

- Demonstrations of new and transformative technology and how to implement 
this in your department and productions

Co-curated with leading international show the Music & Drama Education Expo, London, the conference will present some of the top local and international pedagogues of our generation and will showcase the most up-to-date thinking and research in the sector. 




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