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Crimea row geography textbook changed

A geography textbook that prompted a complaint from the Ukrainian embassy for showing Crimea as part of Russia is changed....More... ...
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Rugby tackles 'intolerable' or essential?

Parents and young rugby players give their views on calls to ban tackling in school games....More... ...
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Schools urged to ban tackling in rugby

More than 70 doctors and academics call for a ban on tackling in rugby in UK and Irish schools, arguing injuries can have lifelong consequences for children....More... ...
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Crackdown on EU students' support funding

The government says it will make it harder for European Union nationals who attend universities in England to get financial support for their living costs....More... ...
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Winston warns of uni Brexit 'disaster'

One of Britain's best known scientists Lord Robert Winston said it could be a "disaster" for university research if Britain left the European Union....More... ...
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Schools 'share staff to cover classes'

Head teachers in England are having to share staff with other schools as they try to find "stop-gap solutions" to fill vacancies, the Association of School and College Leaders says....More... ...
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Secondary school places allocated

More than half a million families in England find out on Tuesday about their children's secondary school places for this autumn....More... ...
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Army job seekers made to strip for test

Hundreds of men in India's Bihar state are made to strip down to their underwear while being tested for army jobs in an attempt to prevent cheating....More... ...
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Shakespeare's grave contents scanned

A radar survey into William Shakespeare's grave and an excavation of the playwright's house are among research projects marking the 400th anniversary of his death....More... ...
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Secondary school places 'undeliverable'

The legal duty of councils in England to ensure every child has a school place could soon become undeliverable, say local authorities....More... ...
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