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Schools remain closed over safety fears

Schools in Edinburgh are to remain closed following the Easter holidays over safety fears....More... ...
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VIDEO: Schools in Scotland remain closed

A total of 17 schools in Edinburgh are expected to remain closed as the Easter break comes to an end due to concerns about the standard of construction in the buildings....More... ...
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VIDEO: French action urged over Calais children

More than 100 children currently living in the Calais migrant camp are eligible to travel to the UK, according to the Children's Commissioner for England....More... ...
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VIDEO: High-need learners 'let down'

Too many young people with learning difficulties or disabilities in England are being let down as they prepare for adult life, according to a report by Ofsted....More... ...
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French action urged over Calais children

The Children's Commissioner for England asks the French government to help lone children in Calais's refugee camp to be reunited with relatives in UK....More... ...
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Ministers 'didn't listen over tests'

Teaching unions accuse ministers of failing to listen over shelved assessment tests for reception pupils in England....More... ...
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VIDEO: School leavers not at university 'overlooked'

Young people who do not go to university are "overlooked and left behind", says a report by the House of Lords social mobility committee....More... ...
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Young not at university 'overlooked'

Young people who do not go to university are "overlooked and left behind", says a report from a House of Lords committee....More... ...
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Reception tests dropped as measure

Tests for reception pupils in England are not reliable enough to be used to measure progress this year, says Department for Education....More... ...
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'No means testing tuition fee grants'

First Minister Carwyn Jones rules out means-testing for university tuition fee grants in future if Labour retains power in Wales....More... ...
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