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VIDEO: Searching for the next da Vinci

Do curriculums hold key to finding new godlike genius?...More... ...
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Harvard explains dean-email searches

Harvard University administrators confirm they searched the emails of deans as part of an investigation into a leak of a student cheating scandal....More... ...
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Grants to aid students rising by 1%

Maintenance loans and grants for students in England will rise by 1%, in 2014-15 - less than the rate of inflation, the government says....More... ...
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AUDIO: Fostering the UK's most difficult children

The 'Resilience Foster Care Scheme' run by Staffordshire County Council hopes to find homes for children who can be difficult to look after....More... ...
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AUDIO: UK universities 'face global threats'

Britain must radically overhaul its education system, and quickly, if it is to continue being a world leader, according to a new Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) report....More... ...
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PM in 'new norm' apprentice pledge

The prime minister will pledge to make apprenticeships the "new norm" for school leavers who decide not to go to university during a speech later....More... ...
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UK universities 'face online threat'

Universities that fail to respond to the rise of online universities will be swept away by global competition, a report warns....More... ...
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Child neglect danger 'underplayed'

Child neglect should be taken as seriously as physical abuse because it leads to long-term damage or even to death, a charity is warning....More... ...
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Defeatist? Us? Pupil challenges Michael Gove to visit his school

Fresh from high-profile rows with MPs and teaching unions, Michael Gove has run into a new foe – a 16-year-old schoolboy incensed by the Education Secretary's condemnation of educational standards in his area....More... ...
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Summer-born hit by school streaming

Children born in the summer who are put in to ability streams when young can suffer educationally as a result, academics say....More... ...
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