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Maths 'adds up to higher earnings'

Children who are good at maths at the age of 10 are earning more than other similar children by the time they are 30, a study has found....More... ...
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World Book Day: Your dress-up dilemmas

Your tales of World Book Day...More... ...
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Graduate pay gap - women paid less

Female graduates are still likely to earn thousands of pounds less than men, according to a new report....More... ...
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School checks 'show improvement'

Almost half the schools inspected in England last term improved their overall rating, the chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw has said....More... ...
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Households renting 'rises to 15%'

The proportion of people renting from private landlords in Britain rose from 10% to 15% between 2008 and 2011, the Office for National Statistics says....More... ...
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Call to name 'horsemeat supplier'

The government is urged to name a meat producer involved in supplying food containing horsemeat to schools and the armed forces....More... ...
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Poor children 'denied free lunch'

A children's charity says more than a million children living in poverty in England are missing out on free school meals....More... ...
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The parent-child battles over a costume for World Book Day

The perils of dressing your child for World Book Day...More... ...
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New vocational courses unveiled

Teenagers in England are to be offered the chance to take new courses in engineering and construction as part of an overhaul of vocational education....More... ...
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Teenagers' book choices 'too easy'

Teenagers are selecting "easier reads" in their book choices, rather than more challenging classics, according to a survey published for World Book Day....More... ...
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