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Alarm at mid-year school switch rise

Poor children are increasingly changing schools mid-year and putting their education at risk, suggests a study....More... ...
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DfE warned over 'unfair dismissals'

England's Department for Education has been warned it could face hundreds of unfair dismissal claims if it pushes ahead with its plans to axe about 1,000 jobs....More... ...
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Sharp drop in immigration is due to fewer foreign students

A sharp fall in net immigration was due largely to a drop in the number of students entering the UK, despite David Cameron’s pledge that the Government wants to attract the brightest and best young people from overseas....More... ...
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UK educationalist wins TED prize

Dr Sugata Mitra, the man who set up computers in wall in the slums of India, has won the coveted $1m TED prize....More... ...
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VIDEO: Can you beat the 'human calculator'?

A man, who describes himself as the human calculator, is on a mission to get more British children interested in maths....More... ...
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Oxbridge favours October babies

Children born in the month of October are 30 per cent more likely to become Oxbridge undergraduates than those born in July, it was revealed yesterday....More... ...
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Urgent action plea over exam errors

Jeremy Laurence...More... ...
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Gove recalled before MPs on advisers

The education secretary is to be summoned to reappear before MPs to face further questions about what he knew of claims of bullying by his key advisers....More... ...
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Willetts urges universities online

UK universities should invest in online courses if they are to take advantage of an "historic opportunity", said Universities Minister David Willetts....More... ...
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Research questions academies' impact

Turning English schools into academies may have had no benefit for the least able students, according to research from a think tank....More... ...
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