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Historians back Gove's curriculum

Some of the UK's leading historians endorse Education Secretary Michael Gove's new history curriculum for schools in England....More... ...
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Birth month affects Oxbridge chances

People born in the autumn are more likely to go to Oxford or Cambridge University than those born in the summer, data obtained by the BBC shows....More... ...
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Ofsted chief wants paid governors

Ofsted's chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw says he wants some school governors in England to be paid and to provide more professional leadership....More... ...
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VIDEO: Can pupils respect 'teacher on wheels'?

Rory Cellan-Jones checks out a new kind of robot that developers say will help teachers educate from a distance....More... ...
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VIDEO: Making music accessible for deaf children

The National Orchestra of Wales has staged a series of workshops and concerts for deaf people, many of them children, to explore how it is possible to experience music without being able to hear it....More... ...
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Blackpool primary school 'locked up' pupil

A headmistress and five teachers at a Blackpool primary school have been suspended while police investigate allegations that a child was locked in a small room as punishment for “challenging behaviour”....More... ...
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Heads 'fail to tackle sexual exploitation'

Headteachers are turning a blind eye to sexual exploitation of pupils for fear that it might send out negative messages about their schools, the Deputy Children’s Commissioner has warned....More... ...
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Pupils face literary diet of 'dead white men'

Pupils will be fed a literary diet of “dead white men” in secondary school as a result of Michael Gove’s plans for a new national curriculum, it was claimed....More... ...
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Tory ex-minister, Tim Loughton, turns his sights on Michael Gove's adviser

The former Tory Education minister Tim Loughton has turned his fire on his old boss Michael Gove by tabling a series of hostile parliamentary questions designed to unseat the Education Secretary’s key adviser....More... ...
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Oxford twice as likely to give top spaces to whites

Ethnic minority applicants to some of the most competitive courses at Oxford University can be up to half as likely to gain places as white students – despite having the same top A-level grades....More... ...
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