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'Post-16 education must improve'

A charity has cast doubt on the ability of post-16 education to help teenagers without good GCSEs to catch up....More... ...
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Sixth-form strike faces court challenge

Strike plans by sixth-form college teachers in England are "unlawful", the government will argue in the High Court later....More... ...
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Palestinian wins global teaching prize

A Palestinian teacher who grew up in a refugee camp has been named as the most exceptional teacher in the world...More... ...
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Education is 'toughest reform' - Blair

Changing the education system is "one of the most difficult things" for a government, said former UK prime minister Tony Blair....More... ...
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UK teacher in final for global prize

A London maths teacher is among the top 10 finalists for a $1m global teaching prize....More... ...
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School chief bans use of 'Trojan Horse'

Birmingham's education commissioner says he has banned the use of the term "Trojan horse" to describe the allegations of attempts to take over schools in the city....More... ...
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'Gilded youths need to learn to fail'

High-achieving children need to understand failure if they are going to have resilience in adult life, says a former head of Eton....More... ...
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Jordan warns of refugee school pressure

A failure to provide education for refugees escaping the conflict in Syria risks creating a generation of extremists, warns the deputy prime minister of Jordan....More... ...
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University Phileas Fogg party 'racist'

A Cambridge University student party is halted in a row over political correctness after concerns it had the "potential for offence"....More... ...
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'Make Playmobil friends' with immigrants

A new study is to look at whether playing with ethnic Playmobil could help immigrants settle in at school....More... ...
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