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BSME Games 2017-18

We're excited to announce our BSME Games for the 2017-18 academic year!

Click here for the BSME Games Handbook 2017-18


BSME U15 Games

Date:              16 – 19 November 2017

Host:               The British School Al Khubairat

Coordinator:   Johnny Coombs

Location:        New York University, Abu Dhabi

Click here to see our dedicated website for the BSME U15 Games  

Gold The British School Al Khubairat
Silver  St Christopher's School
Bronze British International School Jeddah


BSME U13 Games

Date:              25 – 28 January 2018

Host:               British School Muscat

Coordinator:   Jeremy Wyre

Location:        British School Muscat, Oman

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BSME U11 Large Games

Date:              01 – 04 March 2018

Host:               Kings’ School Al Barsha

Coordinator:   Jill Oliver

Location:        Kings’ School Al Barsha, Dubai

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BSME U11 Small Games

Date:               08 – 11 March 2018

Host:               Safa British School

Coordinator:   James Hamm

Location:        Safa British School and Safa Community School

Click here to see our dedicated website for the BSME U11 Small Games 



Purpose of the BSME Games

The BSME Games are often the pinnacle of our member schools’ sporting calendar, and is the leading inter-country multiple sport competition in the Middle East. The purpose of the Games is to:

  • To provide students with a variety of sporting opportunities at an appropriate level for all member schools in a safe and competitive environment.
  • To ensure equal opportunity and participation to both boys and girls.
  • To ensure the Games provide a learning experience in sportsmanship and in the value of healthy competition.
  • To understand the value of the benefits of training in preparation for competition.
  • To enable students to specialize in sports appropriate to their age group.
  • To enable schools to be able to host by having sufficient flexibility to organize a programme appropriate to their particular environment and capabilities.


To view past years BSME Games please click here



The Key

CPD Toolkit provides high-quality materials (including presentations, facilitator support, case studies, practical activities and videos) that can be picked up, easily adapted to local needs and delivered by a training facilitator in your school.

BSME Schools are eligible for a 10% discount on The Key's CPD Toolkit - a new service designed to significantly improve in-school professional development.

There are currently over 100 hours of in-depth training materials, on topics ranging from the principles of good assessment to behaviour management. All the content has been developed in partnership with internationally recognised organisations and subject specialists.

To find out more visit The Key / CPD Toolkit website, or contact their dedicated support team on cpd@thekeysupport.com.

Dance Invitational

BSME Dance 2018

BSME Dance Invitational “Seen and Unseen” 2018. Hosted by Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, UAE on Thursday 22nd February- Saturday 24th February 2018.

As this is the first year of an event such as this it will be non-competitive.

The Inaugural Dance Invitational will be open to children from Years 5-11.

Registrations are now closed for this event.

 A showcase of schools who share the love and passion for Dance. Exploring the stimulus “Seen and Unseen” to create responses and journeys filled with culture, value community and develop character.

Participating schools:

  • Cranleigh Abu Dhabi
  • The British International School Abu Dhabi
  • King’s School Al Barsha
  • The Pearl
  • British Overseas School
  • British School Muscat
  • Scholars International Academy
  • King’s School Dubai
  • The British School Al Khubairat (BSAK)

Join us for the final day - you can register your ticket here.

The BSME Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service

The BSME Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service is an annual award recognising the exceptional contribution of students in BSME schools to their local or global community.

A. Rationale:

Throughout the school year, many students in BSME schools devote their time and resources to service. This service takes on many forms: from fundraising to feed those in need in their local or distant communities, to supporting research which will improve the lives of others. Some students might give of their time to support the learning of students less fortunate than themselves while others use their musical talents to teach those less fortunate or to bring joy to the elderly or infirm, still others might help to build educational facilities in countries in Asia and Africa. The underlying principle is clear: these students are committed to serving others.

Mr Ed Goodwin OBE, BSME Chairman for 12 years (2005 – 2017), is committed to Service. To ensure that this commitment to Service is honoured and continued, BSME has instituted The BSME Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service, which will recognise these students’ dedication to their local and global communities on an annual basis.

B. Nomination & Award Process:


Any student registered with a BSME School may be nominated for The BSME Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service. Each BSME school may nominate one student.

Students nominated for this award will have consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion, caring and even entrepreneurship, and have made extraordinary contributions to enrich the life of others within their school or global community. They will have demonstrated that they care for the world and its peoples beyond their own direct experience. They will have documented, exceptional service to either one cause, project or organisation, or a variety of voluntary service activities within one year.

Whilst the age of the student is not relevant, the level of service relative to the student’s age will be considered.

Judging Process:

The BSME Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service will be awarded to one student in each country represented by BSME. Nominations, submitted by 31 January annually, will be judged by Country Representatives, supported by two additional BSME Headteachers. Country Representatives will inform the BSME Office of their country winner by mid-February and submit the student’s nomination; one overall winner will be selected by the BSME Chairman. Judging Criteria:

Country Representatives will select the country winners based on the following criteria:

  • The degree to which their service or actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact, as measured by concrete resources or a desirable outcome for one or more people or a community as a whole.
  • On some occasions, where the outcome has not been as successful as hoped, the cause selected by the student is judged to be extremely worthwhile and shows that he or she demonstrated and acted upon a concern for the world or its people beyond his or her direct experience.
  • The length and level of commitment of their service(s), i.e. the extent to which their service or action might be considered above and beyond the call of duty
  • The extent to which their action would be recognised and valued by their peers and/or community leaders


The awards, for the country winners and the overall winner, will be made at the Annual Headteachers Conference each year. Headteachers will receive these awards on behalf of students and present them upon their return to their schools.


Student winners and their respective service projects will be featured in the BSME newsletter at the end of April each year.

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