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BSME is the largest British international school membership organisation in the region. The membership benefits are focused on ensuring that schools feel supported in their relentless pursuit of excellence. We therefore offer three tiers of membership to schools which meet the following criteria:
  1. The school must offer a British style education.
  2. The school must be mainly English medium.
  3. The curriculum must be based on significant aspects of the National Curriculum for England and/or prepares students for DfE recognised examinations such as Key Stage SATs (UK), Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary, Fieldwork Education’s IEYC, IPC and IMYC curricula, GCSE, iGCSE, GCE AS2/AS/A levels and/or IB.
  4. All teachers, including the Principal/Head, must be legally employed and suitably qualified.
  5. The school must be licensed and/or registered with the Ministry of Education in the host country.
  6. BSME membership is dependent on accreditation. All schools must accredit within 2 years of becoming BSME members.
The following attachments will be required in support of this application:
  1. Ministry of Education license/registration document
  2. BSO inspection report (if applicable)
  3. Safeguarding policy
  4. School logo


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BSME membership is dependent on accreditation.All schools must accredit within 2 years of becoming BSME members.
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