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Karen Wilding - Primary Maths - Building Confidence & Skill Set in the Classroom - 16th & 17th January 2017 - LINK

We are running CPD focused on building confidence & skill set in the primary maths classroom. Our provider, Karen Wilding, is a highly experienced maths educator and, having worked for over twenty years in the primary classroom with children from the Early Years to Year 6, is acknowledged as an extremely successful teacher in her own right. 
Like so many, Karen's own maths education had sadly turned her off this wonderful subject from a young age and it was only later she discovered what is was to be truly successful and thrive on the many fascinating challenges mathematics presents. Karen is driven by her passion to make sure all children see maths as a meaningful subject with true application in everyday life. You will find the course both practical and reflection-rich accredited (NCETM) training. 

SESSION 1 - Teachers will develop and improve their use of the three key ‘Aims’ (page 3) from the English Primary National curriculum
 as central guidance for highly effective practice.

SESSION 2 - Through a focus upon ‘Essential Number Sense’, teachers will learn new ways of teaching key concepts for calculation
 which will enable all learners to access the maths curriculum.

SESSION 3 - Teachers will develop their understanding and practice of proven ‘concrete, pictorial and abstract’ approaches to
 ensure deep conceptual understanding for all pupils.

SESSION 4 - Through a focus upon ‘Problem-Solving’, staff will consider the importance of learning in maths being real and relevant
 to all children and how this impacts upon children’s perseverance, willingness to contribute and motivation.

SESSION 5 - Practical guidance on effective day-to-day assessment will be a key feature of all training with resources, approaches 
 and advice given to use immediately back in school.

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