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    Coaching Unplugged – building capacity in yourself and others. Jargon free! OPTIONAL ACCREDITATION

    Speaker(s) Andy Vass
    Provider Andy Vass
    Aimed at Leaders at all levels who wish to build capacity, independence and high performance in others both students and staff
    School level All
    Hosted by: Kings' School Nad Al Sheba, Country: UAE - Dubai

    The core function of a leader in any context is to help people become stronger and more capable. Ultimately, that capacity for learning and growth occurs through dialogue – either internally or with others. The ability to facilitate conversations that bring out the best in people: that encourage strategies that make positive change significantly more likely; that respectfully challenge limiting beliefs and lead to behaviours that improve performance is an absolutely vital skill on the journey to excellence.

    Coercing change isn’t sustainable but skilled coaching coupled with a naturally solution focused attitude gives autonomy, encourages creative and imaginative behaviours and brings ownership and durability to growth and learning. This course will demonstrate how you can apply these ideas and approaches back in the context of your work right away.


    Attending this programme will help you to:

    1) Create a positive and emotionally intelligent working culture
    2) Generate a supportive, solution oriented climate within your team
    3) Lead your team to improved performance by providing feedback and recognition

    4) Deal with people who don’t pull their weight

    5) Provide challenge and rigour to the process of learning




    The quality of the programme has been verified and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)  - the largest awarding body for management qualifications in the UK. The above course carries an optional opportunity to gain the Endorsed Award in Solution Focused Coaching from the ILM. In order to secure the award, delegates need to have attended both days of training, pay the required accreditation and marking fee (£169) and complete a short reflective assignment that explores their learning and how they will use the new skills within their work context. It also requires the submission of a simple record of two coaching sessions.

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School level: All

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