When the BSME CPD Programme began in earnest, in 2011, we had only half a dozen schools officially listed as ‘host schools’. To date, thirty-five schools have already hosted for us and we now have forty-seven schools (approximately 65% of the total membership!) registered as willing hosts. That is a fantastic statistic and a real testament to the credibility of the the rapidly growing CPD Programme.

Such keen support is not only much appreciated, it is also essential to the success of the programme. Without it, the BSME CPD Programme simply could not run in the manner in which it does currently. Our sincere thanks go to all our host schools across the region.

How should host schools book their free places?

To claim host school free places, you will need to fill in the Host School Free Place form. Please click on the link below to download the form.

Booking Form - Host School Free Place

Please email this form to Sam via cpdassistant@bsme.org.uk before the course booking deadline. Please DO NOT register your free places online - all delegates registered online will be charged. Should host schools wish to book any additional (chargeable) places, they should do so on-line, in the ‘Programmes and Courses’ Section of the CPD area.

Kind Regards,

BSME CPD Coordinator

E: cpd@bsme.org.uk


The English School

Website Age     Infant Junior Senior
www.tes.edu.kw From 2 to 13 Yes Yes Yes
Address Admissions
PO Box 379
Safat 13004

Tel: (+965) 2227 1385

Fax: (+965) 2227 1389

Email: registrar@tes.edu.kw

Headmaster Kieron Peacock
Deputy Head & Head of Prep Alison (Ali) Peterson
Head of Pre-Prep Deborah O'Callaghan
Director of Studies Amanda Trentzsch
Bursar Derek Boak
Faculty Curriculum
12 male, 61 female English National Curriculum
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
Enrolment Fee

Total: 615

Nursery: KD 1,860 
Pre-Preparatory: KD 2,720
Preparatory: KD 3,245

Special Needs Provision

Please contact us for more information


The English School, founded in 1953 under the auspices of the British Embassy, is the longest established school in Kuwait catering for the expatriate community. The school operates as a not-for-profit, private co-educational establishment providing the highest standards in education for children of Pre-Kindergarten to Preparatory School age. TES is an Accredited Member of BSME, IAPS and BSO. Uniquely in Kuwait, the language of the playground is English with 50% of the pupils being British. With the exception of foreign language teachers, the teaching staff are all British and qualified in the United Kingdom. The school follows the National Curriculum and is well placed to cater for the needs of British expats in Kuwait. The school also has pupils representing close to 50 other nationalities, although 75% of the pupils overall are native English speakers. TES is an oasis of 'Britishness' in the heart of the Middle East.

The number of pupils in the school continues to increase although the average class size remains around 20. The school is housed in well-resourced and spacious, fully air-conditioned premises in a pleasant residential suburb of Kuwait City. Class teachers are supported by specialist co-ordinators in Art, Design and Technology, Information Technology, Music, Library and PE and Games. Music is taught to all ages and French is introduced from Year 5. Formal End-of-Key Stage assessment takes place in Years 2 and 6. In addition the pupils are prepared for entrance tests to other schools including, where appropriate, Common Entrance Examinations at 11+, 12+ and 13+, and scholarship examinations. Responsibility for the school is vested in the Governing Committee whose members serve in a voluntary capacity. The school provides a learning environment within which children develop their individual capacity for achievement to its fullest potential. Each individual is directed towards self-discipline and respect for himself/herself and for others. The school's core values of Confidence, Empathy, Integrity, Positivity and Respect are at the heart of all that we do. The school aims to ensure that, by achieving standards at least equivalent to those of competitive private and state schools in Britain, our pupils are well prepared for the subsequent stages of their academic development whether in Britain, Kuwait or elsewhere in the world. All applications for entry are addressed on a personal basis. The Headmaster and the Admissions Registrar will be happy to meet prospective pupils and their parents. A visit to the School is encouraged in order for each family’s needs to be discussed. In the first instance, all prospective parents must complete the online registration process for their child or children. The process will then be initiated and the school's Registrar will be in touch.

During the 2015/16 academic year all pupils in Years 3 - 8 will have their own iPad in school as an additional learning tool - the school has a roll-out process. The school's VLE will gradually be the heartbeat of the school's E-Learning Strategy as we prepare pupils even more effectively for life in the 21st century.

Other Comments

The English School is a progressive and dynamic educational institution providing a first class learning environment for children.  The school has a thriving PA and there is a real sense of community associated with TES and all that it does.  Children moving on from the school often look back at their years there as a 'golden time'. 

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