Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Website Age     Infant Junior Senior
www.cranleigh.ae From 3 to 16 Yes Yes Yes
Address Admissions
Cranleigh School
PO Box 126888
Saadiyat Island
UAE - Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 24970000


Email: admissions@cranleigh.ae

Principal/Headteacher Brendan Law
Faculty Curriculum
120 F/T
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
(I)GCSE & UK Common Entrance
Enrolment Fee
Special Needs Provision

Based on the rich academic heritage and family values of Cranleigh UK, we aim to instil a love of learning using innovative and creative teaching techniques. A rigorous academic programme, augmented by a diverse range of extracurricular activities fosters growth and discovery.


The Cranleigh Abu Dhabi team agrees on what makes a great school. Between us we have decades of experience delivering the British curriculum all over the world. We know what works well and are always looking for ways to improve. Our educational philosophy focuses on empowering children to become independent thinkers and inspired learners by encouraging them to explore and discover for themselves. We do this through the provision of an incredible range of co-curricular options, a rich focus on the arts and the level of academic rigour and extension one would expect from a school like Cranleigh. Indeed, the benefits of our association with Cranleigh UK are substantial and go way beyond a common brand. We actively work together, sharing ideas and best practice through regular meetings and dialogue as well as pupil and teacher exchanges.

Our aim to build a strong community remains a key focus and in less than two years, our families have joined together with us to form a powerful and positive spirit and a sense of pride that motivates us all. Cranleigh parents are open and honest – not shy to tell us when they think there is room for improvement but equally quick with positive feedback when it is deserved.

We are exceptionally privileged when it comes to facilities. Our state of the art campus and location on Saadiyat Island are truly unique. However, buildings are buildings. What really matters is what happens within them and that’s where our focus lies. We believe that what sets us apart is the fact that we never lose sight of why we chose to work in education in the first place – to teach and inspire children. The moment a school allows other drivers to dilute this focus, its principles are compromised and standards drop.

Principal's Statement

A child's future success isn't dictated by academic grades. When the ultimate goal is to produce a confident, well-rounded adult, there is much more to learn than just core subjects. We are opposed to what can be referred to as “teaching to the test.” Instead, we ensure that all our pupils are offered a comprehensive, creative curriculum designed to prepare them for life beyond their school days.

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