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    April 2017
    April 2017

    PENTA Internal School Inspection Training (ISI) - Part 1 (April 2017)

    Speaker(s) Colin Dyson
    Provider PENTA International
    Aimed at All Teaching Staff
    School level All
    Hosted by: Latifa School for Girls, Country: UAE - Dubai

    The course covers the key skills required to be a successful inspector of your own department or school. These include preparation for the inspection, the processes involved seeking evidence (including lesson observations and interviews with colleagues & students) and writing reports that will help your department, year group, key stage and/or school develop further.

    The course is an introduction to those skills needed for inspecting schools in any context – but it is focussed on YOUR school. It provides a foundation that would be invaluable for those potentially seeking accreditation or preparing for inspection, but its main purpose is to help you improve the quality of education being provided in your school. 

    It is the first of two stages of the training and is assessed. As such, there will be an examination process at the end of the course. Those passing the course will receive a certificate of completion from Penta International and the BSME. Holders of that certificate will be able to proceed to the second stage of training, which will go into more detail in terms of the skills required. Both stages of the course are hard work during the day: then there is ‘homework’, usually tasks which will be discussed with other members. 

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Sun, 22 May 2016
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Fri, 31 Mar 2017
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School level: All

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