U15 Games


The BSME U15 Games was held in Bahrain in November 2013. This inter-school tournament sees pupils from all over the Middle East compete in various sports and this time it was hosts St Christopher’s School A Team who won the overall tournament.

It was a very well organised Event which received the following feedback.

“I just want to say what a brilliant job you and your team did organising the U15 BSME Games event.”

“Our students thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and the atmosphere at the entire event made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all.”

“I know how much time and effort goes into organising events on top of the day to day teaching so please pass on my thanks to all who were involved in this event.”


The Football took place at the Bahrain Rugby Club, where a great atmosphere was created. The Boys tournament was won by the British School of Kuwait and the Girls tournament was won by St Christopher’s A Team in an all St Christopher’s final.



  1. British School Kuwait
  2. St Christopher's A Team, Bahrain 
  3. Mesaieed, Qatar


  1. St Christopher’s A Team, Bahrain
  2. St Christopher’s B Team, Bahrain
  3. Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia

BSME Soccer033


St Christopher’s A Team Bahrain and Al Khor International School Qatar won all their fixtures in their respective Pools taking an early lead. They were closely followed by British School of Kuwait and British International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia both coming second in their pools. British School Riyadh had a tough match against St Christopher’s A Team losing out 6-3 but were rewarded by narrowly winning the 3rd and 4th playoff against Al Khor International School and receiving the bronze medal.


  1. British School of Kuwait
  2. St Christopher’s A Team, Bahrain
  3. British International Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

BSME Day 2039 


Both pools featured quality sides, with five teams finishing up on 13 points at the end of the Pool stage. St Christopher’s A Team Bahrain topped pool A, conceding just 80 points and Kuwait English School topped Pool B conceding just 86 points.


  1. St Chrisropher's A Team, Bahrain
  2. Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia
  3. Kuwait English School

BSME Day 2031


The Athletics was held at St Christopher’s Primary site. The crowd were on their feet during the 100m sprint finals. The 400m finals for both girls and boys were won by Sherborne School where as the gold medals for 800m girls and boys went to the British School of Riyadh and the Long jump champions were Mesaieed School.






  1.  St Christopher’s A Team, Bahrain 70pts    GOLD 
  2. Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia 48pts   SILVER    
  3. British School Kuwait 45pts   BRONZE
  4. British School Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 44pts
  5. Mesaieed International School, Qatar 43pts
  6. Kuwait English School 42pts
  7. Sherbourne School, Qatar 40pts
  8. British International School, Cairo 35pts
  9. St Christopher's B Team, Bahrain 34pts & Al Khor International School, Qatar 34pts
  10. El Alsson British International School, Egypt 21pts
  11. Jeddah Prep & Grammar School, Saudi Arabia 13pts

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