BSME Debating Competition

The Inaugural BSME Debating Competition: 18-21 October 2012

Congratulations to winners Doha College and to all who took part in the first ever BSME Debating Competition, hosted by St Christophers School, Bahrain.

The event was attended by teams from: St Christophers School, Bahrain, British School Kuwait, Kuwait National English School, Doha College, Dhahran British Grammar School, Jumeirah College, Dubai and the British Overseas School Karachi.

Over the course of the competition, teams from Years 9 to 13 were given the opportunity to debate prepared and impromptu motions which culminated in the teams from Doha College and Jumeirah College going head to head on the final day. Both teams impressed the judges and held an audience of around 250 students and teachers as the final motion was debated, leaving everybody guessing right up until the judges announced the results.


Trophies were presented to both teams by Bahrain Charges d'affair Mr Ross Dixon and the closing speech was given by Mr Ed Goodwin, Principal of St Christophers School.

Special thanks go to David Milnes and his team for organising this superb inaugural event.

To learn more about debating or to prepare your own teams for the next BSME debating competition please visit: www.debatebsme.com

To enquire about BSME events please contact Tracey Burrows at events@bsme.org.uk

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