Tes Institute for Teacher Performance and Retention

How can Tes Institute’s programmes improve teacher performance?

Our QTS programmes align to the Teachers’ Standards, England’s benchmark for professional practice. The standards cover a range of practical teaching skills that help ensure teachers are adaptable, engaging, knowledgeable and informed.  

Our iPGCE is a master’s level qualification that helps teachers to become empowered, reflective practitioners with a wide understanding of current education theories, insight into the UK Teachers’ Standards, expertise in their chosen research area and the ability to link theory to their own practice.

Our SKE for teachers programme helps teachers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their subject and associated pedagogy, develop critical reflection skills, get experience of action research and discover innovative ideas, techniques and activities to use in the classroom. 

How can Tes Institute’s programmes improve teacher retention?

By helping your valued support staff and unqualified teachers to gain a teaching qualification without leaving your school, you can develop and retain the staff who already know and understand your school and your students – helping you to bridge recruitment gaps and address teacher shortages. 

By offering more experienced teachers the chance to develop their practice or train to teach another specialist subject, you give them the opportunity to progress their career within your school.


“The Assessment Only and Straight to Teaching route provide us with the tools to grow and develop colleagues and talented people in our local communities. No longer fishing from smaller pools with blunt spears, we are now expanding the talent pool of qualified teachers for our own schools.”

Kai Vacher, Principal, British School Muscat, Oman


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