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Led by an experienced DSL in a leading international school, BSME delegates will have the opportunity to attend this 20-hour course which provides them with fundamental knowledge in leading any school’s mental health and wellbeing section.

Broken into 8 modules of 2.5 hours, this course invites 15 delegates from the international sector to explore what a strong mental health and wellbeing program looks like in a school.

Outside of the curriculum, this course is also a fantastic opportunity to network and share good practice.

Content and delivery are the two main focuses on any Mind Your Health provision – needless to say that the Senior Mental Health Lead in International Settings ticks both of these boxes.

However, what we are particularly proud of is that each delegate will leave with an international qualification.

All that is required is full attendance and of course participation – no assessment is required at the end of the 20-hour course to receive your qualification.

For further information or to book, please contact George Peterkin at: george@mindyourhealthltd.com