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NEW : British Schools Overseas (BSOs)

“British Schools Overseas” (BSOs) are schools that have been inspected under the DfE-endorsed system developed for the purpose and which is quality assured by Ofsted. BSME was heavily involved in the adaptation of the draft regulations to suit an overseas context and the Middle East is the most active region in terms of the number of inspections: at the time of writing, 40% of the world’s BSOs are also BSME schools.

The framework is based on the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) system used to inspect the vast majority of UK-based independent schools, but modified to meet the context of schools operating under different legal and educational jurisdictions. Judgments under these systems are comparable and so BSO schools rated, for example, as “Outstanding” are at a comparable standard to UK-independent schools with the same grading.

Five inspectorates have been given the authority to carry out BSO inspections: ISI , Tribal Education, PENTA International, G2G Education, Cambridge Education, and CfBT Education.

Schools that have been inspected under the BSO regulations are accorded certain benefits, which, it is anticipated, will increase over time. Currently, BSO schools:

  • may call themselves BSO schools
  • are listed on the DfE website, together with their inspection reports
  • can hire and induct Newly Qualified Teacher from the United Kingdom
  • can work with graduate teachers, who do not have a teaching qualification, to help them qualify for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through the Assessment Only route
  • are eligible to attend the annual BSO conference (held in Abu Dhabi and Barcelona in the first two years, with Hong Kong the venue for the 3rd conference in November 2014)

BSME continues to be active in lobbying for more support for BSOs – and, of course, all BSME schools. One initiative close to fruition will be realized when the UK government has obtained world-wide protection of the BSO brand – a process it is pursuing, following intensive BSME lobbying, under the “Paris Convention”.

The continuing development of BSOs worldwide has led to an agreement, at the BSO conference in Barcelona in late 2013, to form a body (tentatively the “Association of British Schools Overseas” – ABSO). BSME’s view is to encourage this, but in a manner that ensures that a BSO body is a symbiotic partner with BSME and not a competitor! This tenet (applied also to the relationship with the other regional organisations – LAHC, FOBISIA and NABSS) was agreed by heads at the Conference to be fundamental. BSME has proposed that the new body’s remit be the sharing of good pedagogical and operational practices between BSOs and also adds its weight to the lobbying power of all overseas schools. If this remit is accepted, then there will be no conflict of interest in the case of Heads who wish to contribute to the development of both bodies.

The existence of so many BSOs within BSME adds considerably to the lobbying strength of BSME and our recognition by DfE and other UK government ministries. As Chairman, I encourage as many of our schools as possible to undergo a BSO inspection – it will surely, over time, become an important mark of quality, alongside the strength of the BSME “brand”, that will be recognized by parents looking for a school for their children and to teachers seeking the best places in which to work.

Please follow the link below to the BSO page which lists Current BSME / BSO schools, followed by further documentation about BSO; its development and BSME’s role in this.


Ed Goodwin OBE

BSME Music & Drama Conference 2017

We are offering a two day conference curated for music and drama teachers at KS3-5. The event will feature a selection of interactive workshops, seminars and lectures to invigorate your teaching, keep you up to date with current thinking in the sector and save you time by presenting a number of ready-to-go lesson plans, schemes of work and resources.

With separate streams for music and drama, you will receive specialist training across KS3-5 material, covering:

- Practical activities, lesson plans and schemes of work ideas you can immediately take away and implement in the classroom

- Insights into the latest research, educational trends and approaches

- Advice and guidance on curriculum and assessment

- Demonstrations of new and transformative technology and how to implement 
this in your department and productions

Co-curated with leading international show the Music & Drama Education Expo, London, the conference will present some of the top local and international pedagogues of our generation and will showcase the most up-to-date thinking and research in the sector. 




Conference : Abu Dhabi Big Band to play at Gala Dinner

BSME is delighted to announce that the Abu Dhabi Big Band will be performing at
the Gala Dinner on Thursday 6 February.


With many thanks to our sponsors CEM.

Assessment Systems for pupils aged 3 - 18. Evidence of ability, potential and progress.

AC2014-CEM      AC2014-AbuDhabiBigBand       AC2014-DurhamUni

EdTechTeam - Google Certified Courses

The team here at BSME are offering you the chance to attend our Google Certified Bootcamps in February 2017. Are you interested?


Google Certified Bootcamp – Level 1 [LINK TO FLYER & REGISTRATION]

Google Certified Bootcamp – Level 2 [LINK TO FLYER & REGISTRATION]


We are running Level 1 as a 2 days course over the 23rd & 24th February 2017. Level 2 will take place over a single day on the 25th February 2017. Both courses will run at The British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Please register via the links above or, should you require further information please feel free to email me at cpd@bsme.org.uk.


"I am not sure I would have had the confidence to tackle the Google Educator Level 2 training without having had these solid foundations laid…...."

Testimonial by Jamie O'Dowd - St Christopher's School, Bahrain


*Please click the following links for a detailed breakdown of both courses by Unit below. 

Google Certified Bootcamp – Level 1 [LINK TO UNIT BREAKDOWN]

Google Certified Bootcamp – Level 2 [LINK TO UNIT BREAKDOWN]


Kind regards,


Sam Fraser

CPD Coordinator


Address : BSME, PO BOX 32052, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain

Email : cpd@bsme.org.uk

Mobile : +973 1779 8406


BSME is a not-for-profit organisation


MEMBERS : 2014 Associate Exhibition Layout

Dear Members,

Please login to view the 2014 Annual Conference Associate Exhibition Layout.

Either navigate to the Annual Conference section in the Members' Menu or click on the link below:


Wishing all our Members an enjoyable and successful conference.

Register for our Primary Maths CPD!

Are you interested in attending high quality Primary Maths training?

Karen Wilding - Primary Maths - Building Confidence & Skill Set in the Classroom - 16th & 17th January 2017 - LINK

We are running CPD focused on building confidence & skill set in the primary maths classroom. Our provider, Karen Wilding, is a highly experienced maths educator and, having worked for over twenty years in the primary classroom with children from the Early Years to Year 6, is acknowledged as an extremely successful teacher in her own right. 
Like so many, Karen's own maths education had sadly turned her off this wonderful subject from a young age and it was only later she discovered what is was to be truly successful and thrive on the many fascinating challenges mathematics presents. Karen is driven by her passion to make sure all children see maths as a meaningful subject with true application in everyday life. You will find the course both practical and reflection-rich accredited (NCETM) training. 

SESSION 1 - Teachers will develop and improve their use of the three key ‘Aims’ (page 3) from the English Primary National curriculum
 as central guidance for highly effective practice.

SESSION 2 - Through a focus upon ‘Essential Number Sense’, teachers will learn new ways of teaching key concepts for calculation
 which will enable all learners to access the maths curriculum.

SESSION 3 - Teachers will develop their understanding and practice of proven ‘concrete, pictorial and abstract’ approaches to
 ensure deep conceptual understanding for all pupils.

SESSION 4 - Through a focus upon ‘Problem-Solving’, staff will consider the importance of learning in maths being real and relevant
 to all children and how this impacts upon children’s perseverance, willingness to contribute and motivation.

SESSION 5 - Practical guidance on effective day-to-day assessment will be a key feature of all training with resources, approaches 
 and advice given to use immediately back in school.

NEW Website Area - CPD in Action

Page Link : http://www.bsme.org.uk/cpd/cpdinaction.html

Essentially we see this as an area where members can share thoughts, experiences and resources that may help support other members in developing their CPD programme.  There is therefore no fixed structure or format. Contributions do not have to be from Principals and Headteachers; they can be from anyone wishing to contribute. They can be short or long. Examples of what/how you could contribute might be:

  • Think piece – on anything to do with CPD. For example, reflections on the value of CPD in your context, the challenges of measuring the impact of CPD etc.
  • Case studies  - members can share their success stories with their colleagues by posting case studies and the results of any action research or joint practice development  projects that have enhanced teaching and learning
  • Useful resources – members can share any CPD resources they feel may be useful to other member schools, such as CPD Policies, Professional Development Record Templates, Individual Action Plan Templates etc. or perhaps links to useful CPD sites

We hope this initiative will enable schools throughout the region to connect more easily and allow for a greater sharing of information, ideas and best practice.  We would love to be able to share an article/idea/resource with you every week but of course this is entirely dependent on the level of participation! I hope you will all endeavour to support ‘CPD in Action’ by contributing throughout the year. 

Transition – Getting the learning right between primary and secondary schools

Dear Members,

We're offering you the chance to attend a two day course based around transition. Dave Harris will deliver 'Transition – Getting the learning right between primary and secondary schools' on the 5th & 6th December 2016, Dubai. He will offer key information in order to understand the issues faced when pupils move from Primary to Secondary. The course will offer solutions to problems and look at the perfect school template. There will be a session on practical ways to improve the transition process followed by a Q&A. 

Should you wish to attend this course, please feel free to book online HERE! or email me directly via my contact details below.

Kind regards,

Sam Fraser
CPD Coordinator
+973 66992388

BSME : Education Investment MENA 10-13 November 2014, Dubai

Good morning

Please follow the link below for details of the Education Investment MENA Conference and Exhibition.

Best regards

The BSME Team


Penta International - Have You Registered Yet?

Dear Members,

Our first Penta course of the year is fast approaching. We will be running Penta Internal School Inspections (ISI) - Part 1 from the 10th to the 12th November in Dubai. The course will run at Sunmarke School - Jumeirah Village Triangle - known as JVT.

The course covers the key skills required to be a successful inspector of your own department or school. These include preparation for the inspection, the processes involved seeking evidence (including lesson observations and interviews with colleagues & students) and writing reports that will help your department, year group, key stage and/or school develop further.

The course is an introduction to those skills needed for inspecting schools in any context – but it is focussed on YOUR school. It provides a foundation that would be invaluable for those potentially seeking accreditation or preparing for inspection, but its main purpose is to help you improve the quality of education being provided in your school. 

It is the first of two stages of the training and is assessed. As such, there will be an examination process at the end of the course. Those passing the course will receive a certificate of completion from Penta International and the BSME. Holders of that certificate will be able to proceed to the second stage of training, which will go into more detail in terms of the skills required. Both stages of the course are hard work during the day: then there is ‘homework’, usually tasks which will be discussed with other members. 


Chairman of BSME, Ed Goodwin, awarded OBE

Chairman of BSME, Ed Goodwin, awarded OBE in the 2014 New Year’s Honours List

BSME would like to inform members, friends and supporters that Ed Goodwin, Chairman of British Schools in the Middle East, has been awarded the Order of the British Empire for his services to British Education in the Middle East.

The British Embassy in Bahrain issued the following statement:

British Ambassador Iain Lindsay this morning congratulated Ed Goodwin, Principal of St Christopher’s School and Chairman of British Schools in the Middle East, on his OBE in today’s New Year’s Honours List.

“I am delighted that Ed’s many years of valuable work on behalf of British education in Bahrain and the region has been recognised in this way. He is an exceptional educator who richly deserves this award from Her Majesty The Queen. I know that this award will not only be welcomed by St Christopher’s and the British community in Bahrain but also by many across the Middle East. He has led the development of St Christopher’s into one of the best British schools outside the UK and has been a leader of British education in the region, as acknowledged by his peers at other British schools in the Middle East. Many congratulations to Ed.”

Ed Goodwin commented:

“I am delighted to have been honoured in the New Year’s List. Of course, awards such as this are only achieved with the help, support and dedicated work of colleagues, friends and supporters and members of the BSME and school community, including parents and, without doubt, students. I owe deep thanks and appreciation to all of these people for their encouragement and contributions, over so many years, to the quality and reputation of both BSME and St Christopher’s School”

JOIN US! Creating Outstanding Early Years - Shonette Bason-Wood

Are you interested in developing professionally as an Early Years Teacher? We have just the course for you! 

Shonette Bason-Wood is set to deliver her fantastic 2 day course revolving around 'Creating Outstanding Early Years' - It's all in the title!   Shonette offers inspirational, motivational and cost effective ideas for practitioners of early years and primary children to take away. Her ideas span the depth, breadth and width of the curriculum and produce a very personalised learning environment. The course is set to run on the 26th & 27th October at Rashid School for Boys, Dubai.  If you would like to find out further information regarding this hugely popular course please check out the following links:

To Register/More Info -  LINK
Shonette's Website - LINK


2014 Annual Conference Programme

The next BSME Annual Conference is to be held at the Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi from 4-8 February 2014.

The conference programme is now available, please click on the link to view the conference information:



Joshua Jay!

We're excited to welcome Joshua Jay as keynote speaker for our BSME Annual Head Teachers Conference!

Joshua is a conjurer, lecturer and performer of all things mysterious. He has spoken on magic and creativity at Google headquarters and lectured on deception at universities and museums across the US.

He recently appeared onstage at the Rubin Museum as part of their Brainwave series, performing and speaking alongside neuroscientists on the role the brain plays in illusions. In 2012 he consulted and developed a unique commercial spot for HBO, using sleight of hand to promote Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.

Joshua Jay is also the author of thirteen books including the best-seller, MAGIC: The Complete Course, and has had his fine-art photography exhibited in several shows (appearing recently at the Culture Museum in Linz, Austria).

Joshua maintains a globetrotting performance and lecturing schedule and has performed in over fifty countries as well as appearing regularly on US national television.

Find out more about Joshua here - http://www.joshuajay.com

2014 Annual Conference Speaker Overview

The next BSME Annual Conference is to be held at the Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi from 4-8 February 2014.

An overview of the conference speakers is now available by following the link below:


Speaker Announced for 2017 Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce our second speaker for the 35th Annual Conference 2017 - Joshua Jay – Conjurer, Lecturer, Performer of all things Mysterious.

Joshua Jay has spoken on magic and creativity at Google headquarters and lectured on deception at universities and museums across the US. He recently appeared onstage at the Rubin Museum as part of their Brainwave series, performing and speaking alongside neuroscientists on the role the brain plays in illusions. In 2012 he consulted and developed a unique commercial spot for HBO, using sleight of hand to promote Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire

Joshua Jay is also the author of thirteen books including the best-seller, MAGIC: The Complete Course, and has had his fine-art photography exhibited in several shows (appearing recently at the Culture Museum in Linz, Austria).

Joshua maintains a globetrotting performance and lecturing schedule and has performed in over fifty countries as well as appearing regularly on US national television.

The BSME 35th Annual Conference will be held at Crowne Plaza, Bahrain 6-9 March 2016. For further details please visit our next conference information page or contact Sam Fraser via cpd@bsme.org.uk

UK International Education Strategy

Launch of the United Kingdom's International Education Strategy

BSME welcomes the newly-launched UK “International Education Strategy”.

BSME is grateful for the opportunity it was given to contribute to the “co-creation” of the strategy at three BIS workshops devoted to this task. We welcome and support the strategy and look forward to playing an active role in the development and realisation of the objectives, as they relate to the overseas schools sector.

The UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and Department for Education (DFE) have launched a policy statement under the title: “International education strategy: global growth and prosperity.”

The strategy describes how the government and, in particular the education sector, intend to take advantage of opportunities outside of the United Kingdom. The strategy “aims to build on our strengths in higher and further education, in our schools overseas, in our educational technology and products and services, and in delivering English language training”.

Of particular interest to BSME schools and other overseas schools with a British nature, is that amongst aspects addressed by the policy are those expressed as follows:

The strategy covers: "...supporting transnational education: supporting British schools and colleges operating overseas, developing ‘end-to-end’ English language training, and strengthening quality assurance.

And “...building the UK brand and seizing opportunities: developing a new ‘Education is GREAT Britain’ campaign.

Both of these areas, together with an assurance of a “warm welcome for international students”, address significant matters raised in the BSME paper ‘Extended position paper on the need for Government support for BSME Schools’ document submitted to UKTI, BIS and DFE in late 2012 and, in a slightly revised form, in early January 2013.

In early 2013, BSME, through the attendance of Chairman Ed Goodwin, participated in three BIS workshops concerned with, the “co-creation” of the strategy. He was able, at these events, to indicate common areas of interest from other regional British overseas schools bodies (NABSS, FOBISSEA and LAHC) and to suggest content related to such schools. This, in concert with the BSME position paper, has clearly had an impact on government thinking about British Schools Overseas, which has found expression in the BIS / DFE strategy.

Whilst the strategy is an excellent and useful step forward, it does not meet all of our needs. The industrial strategy, quite rightly, concentrates on the economic benefits to the UK that might accrue from educational activity involving foreign students – and supporting our schools will help to achieve progress on this criterion. For example: it is estimated that each year around 50% of Year 13 BSME students go on to enter UK universities; increased support could raise this number significantly.

It is a fact, however, that our schools, students, staff and parents have needs that, whilst not directly linked to economic benefit, are important to British nationals living overseas and their children’s future. British teachers – and would-be teachers – would also benefit from enhanced levels of support to our schools. BSME intends, therefore, to continue to work towards increased support from the UK government in specific areas described in the extended position paper.

Going further, there needs to be a greater recognition of the influence that will be wielded in the future by those we teach who will become leaders of countries and powerful businessmen throughout the Middle East. The fact that they are educated in schools with a British flavour means they are more likely to attend British universities. These students, through having developed a deeper understanding of our ways and culture and of the strengths of the United Kingdom, will generally be favourably disposed towards the UK in their activities as adults.

Returning to the strategy itself; the paper includes many other interesting and important ideas. For example: “leading the world in education technology: actively encouraging development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)” and developing “a new relationship with emerging powers: prioritising UK engagement with key partners, doubling investment in development higher education partnerships and expanding the number of Chevening scholarships for study in the UK.” All of these, although less directly relevant to the schools sector, are interesting, important and supported by BSME.

The full text of the international education strategy and supporting information can be found here: … https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/international-education-strategy-global-growth-and-prosperity

Alternatively, the following are direct links to the relevant pdfs.

International Education Global Growth and Prosperity PDF526KB

International Education Accompanying Analytical Narrative PDF716KB


Cambridge International Examinations - Where We Are, Where We’re Going

Dear Members,

We are offering you the opportunity to find out more about Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)! On the 9th October at 10.00am UAE time we will run an hour long free webinar hosted by CIE.

Cambridge International Examinations Face to Face / Webinar - October 9, 2016 10am UAE Time (GMT +4)

UK education reform and rapid development in the education industry has made many international and British schools overseas question the future of  schooling.  Roderic Gillespie, Director of Assessment at Cambridge International Examinations will be providing an overview, and the underpinning thinking behind Cambridge programmes, qualifications and assessments with insight into their approach and future direction. 


This 60 minute webinar will offer UAE based participants the opportunity to attend face-to-face at a venue in Dubai and stay on for an extended session with Cambridge. The extended session includes a presentation by Cambridge’s Senior Manager for the Gulf and Middle East Ahmad Assaf, and an  interactive workshop with Roderic Gillespie. 


To attend this webinar, or to attend face-to-face, sign up here: Registration


Joining instructions will be sent 24-48 hours prior to the webinar. 


 Roderic Gillespie

Prior to joining Cambridge in 2014, Roderic was Head of Curriculum for Excellence at the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). He played a leading role in a comprehensive, transformational change in Scottish education and in the redevelopment of its national qualifications and assessments. Following a successful career as a naval officer, Roderic spent a decade teaching, within which he held a number of management roles. During this time he was also a principal examiner, setter and senior verifier with several awarding organisations. In 1999 Roderic joined SQA as a Qualifications Manager, and led a number of subject-based national qualification and assessment review developments. In 2003 he was promoted to Head of National Qualifications at SQA. He has a Master's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Educational Management, with research interests in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment reform.

Kind regards,

Sam Fraser

CPD Coordinator


+973 66992388

UK Government Support for British Overseas Schools

BSME and Penta International have worked closely with the Department for Education (DfE) over the last year, and more intensively in recent months, to develop a kitemark for British schools overseas that have been successfully inspected under the BSO framework. 

As a result, we have just been advised by the DfE that it is possible for the government to register a term such as ‘British Schools Overseas’ as an Official Sign, and that it is their intention to do so. For more details of the step that the government intends to take please download the PDF below:

UK Government Support of British Schools Overseas PDF87KB

As Chairman of BSME I am particularly pleased with this success, not least because 40% of all currently BSO-inspected schools worldwide are BSME members.    

BSME will continue its on-going work towards further recognition and benefits for our schools and has every confidence that these will grow over the coming years.  

Ed Goodwin
Chair, BSME


Annual Head Teachers Conference 2016/17

Dear Members,

We are delighted to welcome Yong Zhao as our keynote speaker at this year's Annual Head Teachers Conference. Yong is a Foundations Distinguished Professor in the School of Education at the University of Kansas and is also a professorial fellow at the Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy, Victoria University in Australia. 

Yong previously served as the Presidential Chair and Director of the Institute for Global and Online Education in the College of Education, University of Oregon, where he was also a Professor in the Department of Educational Measurement, Policy, and Leadership.


His works focus on the implications of globalization and technology on education. He has published over 100 articles and 30 books, including Counting What Counts: Reframing Education Outcomes(2016), Never Send a Human to Do a Machine’s Job: Correcting Top 5 Ed Tech Mistakes (2015) and Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon: Why China has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World (2014) to name a few.


The Annual Head Teachers Conference will run from the 7th to the 9th March 2017. Please find further updates via this LINK.


Kind regards,

Sam Fraser
CPD Coordinator
E: cpd@bsme.org.uk
T: +973 66992388




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