Buckinghamshire Learning Trust (BLT) - The NQT Conference

Dear Members,

 We are offering you the opportunity to send Newly Qualified Teachers and Mentors on our tailored programme - The NQT Conference. The event will run over the 14th and 15th October 2016 at Qatar International School, Doha. Roxanne Willis-Jackson from Buckinghamshire Learning Trust (BLT) will be running the conference with a number of her highly skilled trainers. 

The conference will be broken down into the following sections.Register via these links! 

 The Primary & Secondary elements of the conference aim to support the induction process through the development of quality teaching and learning. BLT will provide NQT's with guidance across all aspects of the new teacher induction and reporting process. 

The NQT Mentor Programme will offer delegates vital updates, information and guidance to support the induction and reporting process. BLT will work with Mentors on approaches to mentoring that will best suit their support for new teachers.
 Delegates will be able to design, develop and implement a programme of support for new teachers which conforms with school expectations.



BSME Benefits 


  • Early Bird Discount - We offer you a fantastic opportunity to save 10% on our BSME courses. Register as early as possible to take advantage!
  • Claim a FREE place - When you register 2 delegates on selected courses, you will be able to send a 3rd delegate FREE! Contact Sam Fraser on cpd@bsme.org.uk for further information.


Kind regards,

Sam Fraser
CPD Coordinator
E: cpd@bsme.org.uk
T: +973 66992388



David Weston (TDT) - CPD Leaders Conference

We are delighted to be able to offer our members an opportunity not to be missed on the 5th October 2016. David Weston (Twitter) from the Teacher Development Trust (TDT) will be running a bespoke CPD Conference directly focused on developing your school's approach to inset. The aim is to offer you the chance to share best practices and review new initiatives to implement great CPD in your school. The course is designed to provide insight into transforming the school improvement process. 

David is a former maths and physics teacher (MEng (Oxon) ALCM PGCE) with nine years experience, a former consultant specialising in data and assessment, and author of textbook materials. David writes and speaks widely in the media. He has contributed to a number of conferences and advises ministers and policy makers around professional development. He founded the Teacher Development Trust in 2012. 

Our CPD conference will also act as an opportunity to network with CPD Leaders from around the MENA region. There will be a session specifically designed for you to discuss best practices and other areas of development with delegates in attendance.

Registering for the CPD Leaders Conference
Reviewing BSME CPD Courses 

BSME Benefits 

Early Bird Discount - We offer you a fantastic opportunity to save 10% on our BSME courses. Register as early as possible to take advantage!

Claim a FREE place - When you register 2 delegates on selected courses, you will be able to send a 3rd delegate FREE! Contact Sam Fraser on cpd@bsme.org.uk for further information.

Kind regards,

Sam Fraser
CPD Coordinator
E: cpd@bsme.org.uk
T: +973 66992388


BSME Swimming Long Course Records

Follow the link below for the Swimming Long Course Records updated 29 March 2015

BSME Long Course Records updated 29 March 2015

Ollie Tunmer - STOMP!

Here at BSME, we recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of the former cast members of STOMP! Ollie Tunmer has fantastic performance-based experience as well as a wealth of knowledge in music education. Ollie is currently available in the Middle EAST & therefore, it would be great to take advantage of his fantastic skillset. Are you interested in CPD with Ollie? Check out the following!

Percussion Workshops & CPD

Having delivered hugely popular workshops and CPD sessions at conferences in Athens, Madrid, Stockholm and throughout the UK, Beat Goes On are now delivering in the Middle East! Led by Beat Goes On Director Ollie Tunmer (a former cast member of the hit show STOMP and a qualified music teacher), workshops include:

-       STOMP-style Body Percussion
-       Samba Drumming
-       ‘Connect It’ Body Percussion and ‘Mambo!’ Latin Percussion based on
-       BBC Ten Pieces

Beat Goes On workshops make for fantastic high energy openings or closings to conferences, and are accessible for all regardless of prior musical experience.

For more details please visit –

-       our promo video www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2orMAxbX7w
-       our website www.beatgoeson.co.uk

 For more information please email info@beatgoeson.co.uk


Swimming Championship Results 2015

The latest Swimming Championship 2015 Full Meet Results are now available to download.  

Please follow the link below.

BSME Swimming Championships 2015-Full Meet Results.pdf

Write Inspired - Phil Davis & Laura Mae Brown

We have Phil Davis & Laura Mae Brown from Write Inspired providing CPD in Qatar this April. Phil & Laura have developed a number of fantastic courses, some of which we have already been lucky enough to run through BSME. Take a look at the following information regarding their courses & please follow the links to sign up & to watch their video clip.

The Dynamic Classroom course:
We all want highly energised and motivated learners in the classroom. Learning is a dynamic process - full of energy and movement from one concept to another. Often this energy is lost in a weight and lethargy within the classroom. This course gives teachers simple ways to build a more dynamic environment in the classroom. This day with Write Inspired will look at the classroom environment and effective instructional strategies for both children and adults. This day impacts the whole classroom. Hugely entertaining and thought provoking.

The Dynamic Classroom Registration LINK

Write Inspired - Engage, Inspire & Motivate Children to Write:
The Write Inspired Inset provides all staff with a tried and tested methodology, developed by teacher and creator of the the method Philip Davis, to bring energy, pace, purpose and vitality back to the teaching of writing. Philip draws on his experience as a teacher and consultant to give teachers a way of working that will inspire even the most reluctant of writers. Highly practical and full of innovative ideas to take back to the classroom. This course will motivate and inject energy into the way you approach the teaching of writing in school. Sound, image, orgainsation of ideas, divergent thinking, imagination - this course will inspire!

Write Inspired Registration LINK

What People Say:

'Absolutely loved it - fun, informative and inspiring.' Teacher Cedars Primary School, Blackburn

'Outstanding day - brilliant and practical!' Headteacher, Suffolk Headteachers conference

‘Fantastic, Inspiring!' Teacher Chesterfield School

A bit about Write Inspired:
Write Inspired is experiential and immersive. We tackle the anxiety associated with writing by maximising engagement and injecting creativity, resilience, and purpose into the process. Write Inspired believes building individuality and confidence in learners leads to a stronger foundation to the teaching of writing and all communication skills.

Here is the Write Inspired film link:  https://vimeo.com/130762863

Swimming Championships 2015

20140328 133842.jpg Low Res


The final event of this years BSME Events programme was the Swimming competition, again hosted by the British School of Muscat on 27 March at The Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.

There were a total of 240 swimmers participating this year from 14 schools across 7 countries in the Middle East.


Participating Schools

1. Al Khor International School, Qatar

2. Al Yasmina School, Abu Dhabi

3. British International School Jeddah

4. British International School Al Khobar

5. British School of Muscat

6. Compass International School, Qatar

7. Dhahran British Grammar School

8. Dubai English Speaking School

9. Jeddah Prep & Grammar School

10. Kings' Dubai

11. Muscat International School

12. St Christopher's School, Bahrain

13. The English School, Kuwait

14. The Sultan's School, Oman



Individual rankings  based on FINA Points are below:-

8 & Under Girls - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team FINA Points
1 Lopez, Alicia 8 Al Yasmina School 810
2 McDavid, Sophia 8 Dubai English Speaking School 785
3 Musallam, Alya 8 Jeddah Prep Piranhas 754
4 Pharoah, Morgan 8 Al Yasmina School 725
5 Davies, Hattie 8 Dubai English Speaking School 700
6 Smallbone, Evie 8 Dubai English Speaking School 631
7 Davies, Olivia 7 The English School Kuwait 629
8 Nor Azhar, Nor Alysha 8 Al Yasmina School 619
9 Shah, Janya 8 Kings Dubai School 616
10 Parks, Lucy 8 Kings Dubai School 584
11 Smith, Lily 8 Al Khor Internatioanal School 573
12 Gissing, Maddy 8 Dubai English Speaking School 564
13 Slow, Scarlett 8 Kings Dubai School 532
14 Withers, Eleanor 8 Dubai English Speaking School 454
15 Kerr, Ella 7 Al Yasmina School 420
16 McDavid, Amelie 6 Dubai English Speaking School 308
17 Butcher, Katie 7 The English School Kuwait 267
18 Fleming, Lara 8 The English School Kuwait 251
19 Ismail, Nabila 7 British Intnl School Al Khobar 241
20 Woodrow, Isobel 7 Al Yasmina School 124


8 & Under Boys - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team Fina Points
1 Bebars, Adam 8 Al Yasmina School 780
2 Gibbs, Stanley 8 Dubai English Speaking School 724
3 Platten, Liam 8 BSM Marlins Academy 689
4 Wessels, Rickus 8 Dubai English Speaking School 667
5 Munro, Jamie 8 Dubai English Speaking School 619
6 Pollard, Charlie 8 Dubai English Speaking School 484
7 Sinclair, Zack 8  Kings Dubai School  468
8 Gorani, Cian 7  Dubai English Speaking School  465
9 Shaker, Abdulrahman 7  Dhahran British Grammar School  462 
10 Boesley, Sam 7  The English School Kuwait  449 
11 Officer, Lee 8  British Intnl School Al Khobar  449
12 Krokhin, Arsenii 8  BSM Marlins Academy 431 
13 Memon, Yahya 8  Dubai English Speaking School  396 
14 Sutton, Christian 8  The English School Kuwait  394 
15 Dajani, Rayyan 8  BISJ Stingrays  385 
16 Portelli, Matthew 8  St Christopher's School Bahrain  328 
17 Bryant, William 8  Dubai English Speaking School  314 
18 Breen, James 7  BISJ Stingrays  309 
19 Hick, John 8  Kings Dubai School  305 
20 Block, Alex 8  BSM Marlins Academy  302 
21 Athallah, Fakhri 8  Al Khor Internatioanal School  284 
22 Lindstedt, Maxwell 8  The English School Kuwait  268 
23 Pollard, Zac 6  Dubai English Speaking School  255 
24 Wessels, Marnus 6  Dubai English Speaking School  237 
25 Sherif, Omar 7  Al Yasmina School  107 
26 Breidi, Gadiel 7  Al Yasmina School    99 
27 Found, Adham8  Al Yasmina School    94 
28 Rashed, Yousef7  Al Yasmina School    93


9-10 Girls - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team Fina Points
 1 Lubbe, Megan 10  British Intnl School Al Khobar  1316
 2 Bryant, Isobel 9  Dubai English Speaking School  1188
 3 Le Falher, Asma 9  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1084
 4 Blanche, Chantelle 10  Al Khor Internatioanal School  1050
 5 Mattias, Fabiola 10  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1041
 6 Zainal, Maram 10  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1011
 7 Millington, Annabel 10  Kings Dubai School  1004
 8 Wall, Sara 9  Al Yasmina School    997
 9 Davies, Ella 10  Dubai English Speaking School    992
 10 Jones, Izzy 9  Al Khor Internatioanal School    906
 11 Barrowcliffe, Eve 9  Dubai English Speaking School    888
 12 Banas, Samantha 9  Al Khor Internatioanal School    853
 13 Roy, Becca 10  BSM Marlins Academy    831
 14 Fouad, Zeina 10  Al Yasmina School    830
 15 Tarazi, Jude 10  Dubai English Speaking School    802
 16 Gravestock, Hattie 10  Kings Dubai School    797
 17 Hull, Laura 9  BSM Marlins Academy    787
 18 Highmore, Darcy 9  The English School Kuwait    785
 19 Fabi, Lola M 9  BSM Marlins Academy    773
 20 Hunter, Olivia 9  BSM Marlins Academy    724
 21 Salmon, Riahn 9  Compass International School    723
 22 Dickson, Maisy 9  Dubai English Speaking School    715
 23 Galloway, Evie 10  Kings Dubai School    699
 24 Hamed, Kenzy 10 BSM Marlins Academy    664
 24 Abdorabbo, Sara 10  Dhahran British Grammar School   664
 26 Shatri, Dania 9  Al Khor Internatioanal School    660
 27 Gibbs, Maisie 9  Dubai English Speaking School    627
 28 da Silva Buttkus, Stella 9  Al Yasmina School    566
 29 Davies, Alannah 9  The English School Kuwait    510
 30 Gutesa, Iskra 9  BSM Marlins Academy    506
 31 Kenyon, Mackenzie 9  Al Yasmina School    495
 32 Burkill, Giocanda 10  The English School Kuwait    476
 33 Reijmer, Chloe 9  BSM Marlins Academy    350
 34 Bruce, Tallulah 10 Kings Dubai School   281


9-10 Boys - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team Fina Points
1 Woodrow, Hayden 10  Al Yasmina School  1098
2 Boesley, Max 10  The English School Kuwait  1046
3 Cooper, Matthew 9  The English School Kuwait    765
4 Sabalbal, Ahmad 9  BISJ Stingrays    727
5 Ayman, Abdulrahman 9  The English School Kuwait    724
6 Ginting, Hendy J 10  BSM Marlins Academy    687
7 Sutton, Stuart 10  The English School Kuwait    677
8 Srour, Elia 10  BISJ Stingrays    673
9 Amer, Seif 10  The Sultans School Sharks    649
10 Ingles, Tom 10  BSM Marlins Academy    647
11 Dewantoro, Opi 10  Al Khor Internatioanal School    633
12 McElligott, Cian 9  Dubai English Speaking School    598
13 Rashed, Mohammed 10  Al Yasmina School    596
14 Wong, Bernie 10  Al Khor Internatioanal School    564
15 Breen, Thomas 9  BISJ Stingrays    551
16 Pereira, Joshua 9  Al Khor Internatioanal School    508
17 Al Najjar, Yousif 10  St Christopher's School Bahrain    507
18 Azlan, Omar 9  Al Yasmina School    505
19 Warrad, Ahmed 9  BSM Marlins Academy    400
20 Daaboul, Faisal 9  Jeddah Prep Piranhas    392
21 El Bouriny, Omar 9  BISJ Stingrays    220
22 Baruno, Aziz 9  Muscat International School    214
23 Sayed, Hadi 10  Al Yasmina School    203
24 Tysse, Nikolay 9  Al Yasmina School    154
25 Okba`, Karim 9  Al Yasmina School    114


11-12 Girls - Individual Scores


Place Name & Age Swim Team FINA Points
1 Den Haese, Mette 12 Al Yasmina School  1789
2 Cramp, Rebecca 12  BSM Marlins Academy 1749
3 Tinsley, Florence 12  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1733
4 El Zein, Lana 11  BISJ Stingrays  1587
5 Musallam, Noor 12  Jeddah Prep Piranhas  1551
6 Pharoah, Taylor 11  Al Yasmina School  1529
7 Davies, Alexandra 11  The English School Kuwait  1442
8 Shahin, Zaha 12  Dubai English Speaking School  1386
9 Donald, Katy 12  BSM Marlins Academy  1385
10 Vrijhof, Roma 12  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1352 
11 Pulfer, Josie 12  BSM Marlins Academy  1347 
12 Ogilvy, Lucy 12  BSM Marlins Academy  1330 
13 Doherty, Danielle 11  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1151 
14 Baghdadi, Eden 11  Dubai English Speaking School    983 
15 Tracy, Rachel 11  Al Yasmina School    962 
16 Hull, Sally 11  BSM Marlins Academy    961 
17 Lopez, Marta 11  Al Yasmina School    957 
18 Helal, Jomana 11  The English School Kuwait    943 
19 Parry, Saskia 11  BSM Marlins Academy    891 
20 Grobler, Cindy 12  British Intnl School Al Khobar    843 
21 Kenny, Kira 11  The English School Kuwait    714 
22 Godwin, Sydney 11  The English School Kuwait    655 
23 Baher, Kayan 12  Al Yasmina School    459 
24 Hunter, Darcy 11  BSM Marlins Academy    340 


11-12 Boys - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team FINA Points
1 Jaber, Mohammed 11  BISJ Stingrays   1456
2 Ingles, James 12  BSM Marlins Academy  1403
3 Fabi, Pablo R 12  BSM Marlins Academy  1379
4 Boesley, Jack 11  The English School Kuwait  1191
5 Murad, Abdul Rahman 11  BISJ Stingrays 1185
6 Tamer, Imran 11  BISJ Stingrays   1155
7 Platten, Jack 12  BSM Marlins Academy  1081
8 Hine, Peter T 12  BSM Marlins Academy  1056
9 Odeh, Ali 12  BISJ Stingrays     975
10 Kuncheria, Matthew 12  Al Khor Internatioanal School    974
11 Panackal, Rohit 12  Al Khor Internatioanal School    946
12 Robins, Finley 12  BSM Marlins Academy    933
13 Fathy, Ahmed 11  Dubai English Speaking School    850
14 Forman, Shaun 12  BSM Marlins Academy    834
15 Andres, Jehan 11  Al Khor Internatioanal School    800
16 Manna, Basil 12  St Christopher's School Bahrain    789
17 Okba, Yousef 11  Al Yasmina School    764
17 Rushton, Digby 11  St Christopher's School Bahrain    764
19 Ismail, Youssof 11  BISJ Stingrays    750
20 Wadhwani, Daivik 11  BISJ Stingrays    698
21 Withers, Harry 11  Dubai English Speaking School    680
22 Amer, Nour 12  The Sultans School Sharks    677
23 O'Connor, Maksut 11  The English School Kuwait    659
24 Keseba, Ali 12  The English School Kuwait    652
25 Singh, Jaskaran 11  Al Khor Internatioanal School    632
26 Seifadini, Sam 12  The English School Kuwait    619
27 Horwood, Jack 12  BSM Marlins Academy    614
28 Roy, Matthew A 12  BSM Marlins Academy    610
29 Warrad, Marwan 11  BSM Marlins Academy    592
30 Al Bahlani, Mohammed 12  The Sultans School Sharks    416
31 Dar, Ali 11  Al Khor Internatioanal School    387
32 Alhuneidi, Omar 11  The English School Kuwait    320
33 D'Souza, Joshua 12  Al Khor Internatioanal School    310
34 Taraboulsi, Mohamed 11  Al Yasmina School    283
35 Siraj, Kabir 12  BSM Marlins Academy    278
36 Hadji, Oussama 11  Al Khor Internatioanal School    239


13-14 Girls - Individual Scores

Place  Name & Age Swim Team FINA Points
1 Opricovic, Jovana 13 BSM Marlins Academy 2056
2 Leijonberg, Louise 13 St Christopher's School Bahrain 1740
3 Harding, Amber 14 Al Yasmina School 1264
4 Horwood, Chloe 13 BSM Marlins Academy 1242
5 Rashed, Alia 13 Al Yasmina School 1067
6 Amer, Arwa 13 BSM Marlins Academy   789
7 Ehab, Farah 14 Al Khor Internatioanal School   763


13-14 Boys - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team FINA Points
1 Le Falher, Yaseen  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1848
2 McCarthy, Shane 14  St Christopher's School Bahrain  1823
3 Baruno, Azim 14  Muscat International School  1473
4 Hajjar, Mamoun 14  BISJ Stingrays   1418
5 Bouwer, Kyle 13  British Intnl School Al Khobar  1383
6 Cumberland Powell, Sebastian 14  Al Khor Internatioanal School  1187
7 Fulton, Matthew 13  Al Khor Internatioanal School  1093
8 McKenna, Philip 13  St Christopher's School Bahrain    992
9 Scott, Daniel 13  Al Khor Internatioanal School    961 
10 Dajani, Riad 13  BISJ Stingrays    882
11 Kuncheria, George 14  Al Khor Internatioanal School    858
12 Khurram, Zunair 13  Al Yasmina School    714
13 Junhyeong, Kim 14  Al Khor Internatioanal School    534
14 Harding, Meical 13  Al Yasmina School    448
15 Al Hinai, Mohammed 13  The Sultans School Sharks    201
16 Al Hinai, Abdullah 13  The Sultans School Sharks    167


15 & Over Girls - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team FINA Points
1 Le Falher, Cheyma 16 St Christopher's School Bahrain 2005
2 Baruno-Nurpratiwi, Arsy 16 Muscat International School 1822
3 McCarthy, Tara 17 St Christopher's School Bahrain 1757
4 Manna, Marya 15 St Christopher's School Bahrain 1451
5 Harper, Rebecca 15 Al Khor Internatioanal School 1442
6 Groh, Alexa 15 Al Yasmina School 1355
7 Blanche, Candice 17 Al Khor Internatioanal School 1215
8 Bath, Carla 16 Al Khor Internatioanal School   854


15 & Over Boys - Individual Scores

Place Name & Age Swim Team FINA Points
1 Bezuidenhout, Christian 16 BSM Marlins Academy 2408
2 Den Haese, Milan 16 Al Yasmina School 2231
3 Al-Adawi, Issa 15 The Sultans School Sharks 2159
4 Cumberland Powell, Alexandre 17 Al Khor Internatioanal School 1752 
5 Hamdani, Mustafa 15 Al Yasmina School 1378
6 McGrah, Donovan 16 Al Yasmina School 1318
7 Westhuizen, PJ 15 British Intnl School Al Khobar 1244
8 Zainal, Faisal 15 St Christopher's School Bahrain 1203
9 Bhatnagar, Sahil 15 BSM Marlins Academy 1135
10 Ahmed, Aasil 15 Al Khor Internatioanal School   674
11 Klibi, Ahmed 15 The Sultans School Sharks   163

Google Summit - 15th & 16th April 2016

Google Summit - 15th & 16th April 2016 - St Christopher's School, Bahrain
We are excited to share details of the forthcoming EdTechTeam Google Summit at St Christophers School Bahrain, 15th & 16th April 2016. Without doubt one of the highlights of the British Schools in the Middle East - BSME CPD Calendar. In addition to the 2 day summit, workshops are available on April 14th.
The following statement from St Christopher's School provides further information.
"St Christopher’s School is pleased to announce we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Bahrain Google Summit, featuring Google Apps for Education. Over the two day programme delegates will be engaged by innovative keynote seminars, practical ‘get going & ‘deep-dive’ workshops led by certified Google Innovative Educators, Google Trainers and world-renowned presenters. The summit dates are Friday & Saturday 15 & 16 April 2016. Further information and registration can be found on the link below. We look forward to seeing you there!"

Middle East Adventure – a reflection by Chris Rowe


Around January 2001 I was working in the North West of England and decided to do something a little ‘different’ after 21 years teaching in State Secondary Schools. I spotted a job as Head of PE at the British School, Riyadh (now called the British International School Riyadh). The advert specifically asked for a specialism in Swimming – which was right up my street.

I sent in my application, not for one minute thinking it would come to fruition – normally people like me just didn’t get breaks like that! However within a week I received an email asking me to interview in London, the following week. I met with the Principal, Patrick Bloomfield, had an interview and made a presentation. A week later, I received the email which was to change my life completely. Mr Bloomfield offered me the post on an initial 2 year contract, with additional responsibility for coaching the British School Barracudas swim team.

My first year in the school was very busy (in fact this was an omen for the following 14 years!). I absolutely loved working there – the parents, children and staff were all great and coaching the swim team, for me, was like Manna from Heaven!

BSME Games

Around October 2002, a member of my department, Lucy Ryder, approached me with a request. She had received an email about a new competition which was going to be held at St Christophers School, Bahrain. The Head of PE at St Christophers, Alistair Bond, planned to have a 2 day competition with 5 sports which would involve schools who were members of the British Schools of the Middle East organisation. I explained to Lucy that this would be a great opportunity for the children at BSR as competitive opportunities were quite limited within Riyadh. I offered to let her lead the tour and organise the logistics for the team.

I don’t actually remember too much about the first one, other than it was a lot more compact and simple, but that the level of enjoyment from all concerned was extremely high. I do remember being surprised that the level of competition was a lot higher than I had expected. Being isolated in Riyadh it was difficult to get a picture of how we rated as a school. These first Games came as a bit of a shock, as I don’t think we won any of the tournaments. Even swimming, where I thought we would dominate, we came 3rd. This experience gave us a great target to set for ourselves and became the benchmark for all schools across the Middle East. The legend and folklore of the BSME Games was born!

The following year was again held in Bahrain. The number of schools increased from 4 at the first games to 7 in the second. Equally exciting and equally challenging.

However, Alistair Bond’s vision was that, like the Olympics, the Games would be held in different schools in different countries. For 2005 other schools were asked to volunteer to take up the proverbial torch and host the Games in a different country. By this time I had moved job to the British International School Cairo – a much smaller school with 2 form entry. I eagerly awaited the news to find out where I could take my first Egypt based team to experience this great event. However, nobody stepped forward and the Games never took place that year.

Alistair once again stepped forward and offered to host his 3rd Games at St Christophers in 2006. However, the clear message was that someone else was expected to take the baton the following year. Part of an experience like this has to be sharing the responsibility and the load. Once again my team were overawed by the standard of performance from other schools and struggled valiantly to do their best. Comparatively, as a 2 form entry school competing against some bigger giants we did very well and came 6th out of 12 schools. At the end of the 2006 Games the venue for the first non-Bahrain Games was announced – DESS Dubai were to host the 2007 Games.

In 2007 I took a stronger team to the DESS Dubai Games. Despite being a smaller school, we won our first BSME trophy – a 3rd place in the swimming beating much bigger schools including DESS Dubai! This was my first big personal success at the Games. An interesting twist for me at these Games was that, in the meantime I had been appointed as the next Head of PE at DESS Dubai, due to take position the following September. I was determined to higher my aspirations and go for my first number one position the following year.

4CR  5CR  2CR

Our first BSME Trophy 2007                        Basketball 2008                                  Dubai English Speaking School Parents

That year it was decided that the Games should run for 3 days instead of 2 in order for children to be able to recover in between each sport and for them to relax a little more.

In 2008 the Games moved to Doha and were a joint collaboration between Al Khor, DESS Doha, Doha College and Park House. This was probably my favourite Games as it was the first time I had taken a team from DESS Dubai. The Games were based at Al Khor which was a 40 minute drive from the hotel, but gave us time to mentally prepare on the way there and reflect (and sleep!) on the way back. This was the first time I had taken a team from one of the ‘big guns’ – DESS Dubai and I had high expectations of the team of 26 children who went with me and my team of 4 staff. In particular I had coached the swimming team, the athletics team and the basketball team myself and so my reputation was at stake! First up was the swimming. I had coached the DESS team throughout that year and they had made great progress. Again, I did not know what our standards were like compared to other schools outside Dubai. It was an exciting meet with some outstanding performances. At the end of the meet, the scores were announced and we were pleased to hear we had gained 2nd place and a silver trophy to start off our campaign. However, this was not to be – overnight the scores were recounted by the organiser and it was found that one of our relay scores was wrong – we had been given 14 points instead of 24. This meant that we had actually gained the first place position and our first Gold Trophy at the BSME Games.

The rest of the 2008 Games went equally well for us. The following day, in football we gained a 3rd place and in netball another 1st place. 2 more trophies for the cabinet. On the final day Athletics was completed in the morning. DESS had an excellent time, including BSME records in 60m sprint and High Jump. Overall we again managed to gain first place. Total so far, 3 golds and 1 bronze. But what about the overall trophy? This was the big one for me. To achieve this, would be the ultimate reward.

The last tournament was the basketball. We had calculated that, in order to win overall, we had to get at least 7th place. This might seem a fairly easy task, but at that time basketball was not played in Dubai and many of the other BSME schools played this competitively throughout the year. As coach of our basketball team, the pressure was on.

We eventually ended up playing Park House for the 7th/8th place playoff. We HAD to win in order to get the overall trophy. Well I’m happy to say that we did it, and the Games ended well for us as overall winners for the first time. Returning to Dubai was a great experience, with parents and children waiting at the airport with banners and streamers and lots of smiles.

(A little known fact from that year is that I had made a pact with myself before I travelled to Doha that year – if we won the overall trophy, I would always wear something red to work every day until I left the school. I have kept to this promise and still wear at least some red, somewhere in my uniform every day).

In 2009 the Games moved back to Dubai and were hosted by JESS Ranches. JESS Jumeirah, their sister school also took part for the first time and this became ‘their’ Games. I say this because, for the first and only time ever they won all 5 of the individual tournaments. They had a squad of highly skilled all-rounders who dominated proceedings throughout. This set the bar for future Games to come.

In 2010 we had, probably, the most memorable games so far – the one that everyone still talks about. Modern English School Cairo hosted and participated for the first time ever, and didn’t they do things in style. The 2 things which stick out from that Games were the trip to the Pyramids, plus the hotel – the brand new Dusit Thani – it was awesome. Ed Price was the Head of PE there who was also noted as starting a new trend. His wife had a baby just prior to the Games. Since then, this has happened 2 more times with organisers of the Games – so be warned!

For 2011, the Games returned to Doha again, and Al Khor bravely volunteered to host once more. Another smoothly run machine throughout. The key thing which was introduced at those Games was a focus on international culture and history. There were many displays of dance, theatre and music throughout the event to keep the athletes entertained.

2012 saw a new approach. The Games took place in Dubai again, but this time they were hosted by a company called the Onion Bag (slang term for goal nets apparently). It went back to a very simple approach with less ‘bling’ but enjoyable nonetheless. However, it was decided that for the following year, the Games should return into the hands of another school and everyone wondered who that might be.

The biggest news for me in the 2013 Games was that my Headteacher, Dave Hammond had ‘kindly’ volunteered for us to host again. (Headteachers seem to have a habit of doing this!). I have to say it was an enormous challenge for us to project manage such a large event and I saw for the first time what it is like from the other side of the fence. It was an extremely challenging year, but we formed a team of staff and parents who worked extremely well together to produce an event which we were all proud of. The cream on the cake was that we also won the overall trophy.

In 2014, similar to the MES Games, Brighton College Abu Dhabi volunteered to put themselves on the map with their first ever experience of the Games – both competing and organising. Thrown into the challenge was the fact that the Head of PE, Simon Crane had only started the job in September and was on a very steep learning curve. He came to us for a morning’s consultation and to get up to speed with this behemoth which is the BSME Games. Needless to say Simon, and Brighton College did an awesome job which resulted in another memorable event. If I had to say one word which epitomised those Games, it would be ‘posh!’ Oh yes, and yet another baby, Simon’s wife gave birth just before the Games (BSME baby number 2).

So we come to 2015 and what is to be my final Games as I will leave DESS and the Middle East in June this year to return back to the UK. I handed the reins over to my department to lead the DESS team this year as part of the succession process. Although not part of the official DESS touring party, I flew across on Friday to oversee the DESS swim team in their efforts to win the BSME swimming trophy. (This also ensured my claim to have attended all Games so far would be ensured!). I was extremely happy to see that my final involvement in the Games was rewarded with a first place in the swimming - although we were chased very hard by a strong team from St Christophers. Steve Wilkinson from DESS Doha and his team of dedicated staff ran another awesome Games which was well run and will be another Games to remember due to them taking place in the magnificent Aspire Dome complex. The other ‘event’ of the Games was the birth of Steve’s first child – baby Noah. BSME baby number 3!


                                                             First place Trophy in Swimming U11 Games, Qatar 2015

BSME Swimming

In 2009, Dave Rogers, based at the British School Muscat introduced the first ever BSME Swimming Championships. This is not a team event as such, but provides an opportunity for individual swimmers to excel and shine as well as win their own individual medals and ribbons. It was open to swimmers aged from 9 to 18 years old. In 2009 we took a team of 14 swimmers from years 5 and 6 and had a great experience at this event. Since 2009 we have taken an ever increasing number of children to this excellent, well run swim meet. We now also take children from our High School, DESC as well as children from years 2, 3 and 4.

The Championships have developed since the first one in 2009. There is now an under 8 category for younger swimmers to gain their first experience of ‘big swimming’ in a ‘big pool’. It is heartwarming to see children from 7 to 18 years old swimming together, sometimes in the same races and enabling the younger swimmers to see high quality swimming from the older pupils – giving them something to aspire to. Due to the high quality of the event, qualification times have now been introduced to ensure that this is maintained. High points trophies are also now given to the fastest overall swimmers in each category.

The ‘feel’ of the event is a mix of high drama and excitement mixed with a great family atmosphere. Dave Rogers has reliably provided an invaluable experience for all swimmers who attend every year.

Heads of PE Conference

One of the challenges which became evident through the early years of the Games was that, as it grew larger and larger, maintaining a consistently high quality and valuable experience became more difficult. The key elements of any quality tournament are good facilities, fair rules and refereeing, clear and realistic guidelines and balanced competition. Above all, consistency and continuity were the key factors in ensuring success.

The 5 sports which Alistair Bond introduced were football for boys, netball for girls and swimming, athletics and basketball for both. In 2007 the hosts suggested dropping basketball and including rugby and in 2008 the hosts suggested dropping basketball and including rounders. Both of these suggestions potentially would have created a number of practical problems and challenges. After numerous emails between myself and the organisers, these ideas were dropped in favour of the original 5 sports. Common sense prevailed. In addition, each year, rules, game times, scoring and other elements varied according to what resources were available and how the organiser wanted to run the event.

In September 2008, I emailed John Alcott, the Chair of the events Committee to request that a conference should be held for all Heads of PE in BSME schools. This would provide an opportunity for discussion and dialogue about how the Games were developing as well as trying to create a standardised handbook with clear guidelines and advice for future organisers of the Games. This would guarantee consistency throughout the Games as well as a fair and well balanced approach.

John was very positive about the idea and could see the need for this in order to ensure that the Games continued to grow and succeed. In April that year the first BSME Heads of PE conference was held in the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai attended by around 100 delegates from across the region.

There was lots of healthy and vibrant discussion and as a result, the first proper official handbook was produced. This has been reviewed each year and since then has provided an invaluable tool to organisers and team coaches alike.

The conference has developed and changed in a number of ways since 2008. In 2010 it was lengthened to 2 days which included a number of valuable training events with high quality presenters from the UK flying in to lead.

In 2011 it was decided that a smaller steering committee would be formed that would meet each year. This primarily involved the Heads of PE who had either attended most or all Games or had organised the Games themselves. This team of around 12 people meet every year with the Chair of the events committee and review the events which have taken place that year, decide on a calendar for the following year and revise the BSME ‘Bible’ – the handbook.

This is an invaluable event which ensures that BSME sport is constantly being extended and improved.

As the size and range of events continued to grow it became obvious that there was a need for additional help outside school PE Departments. In the BSME Heads of PE conference which took place at JESS Ranches, Dubai, Mark Holness - Head of PE at St Christopher’s Bahrain presented a proposal to the conference. This proposal was that BSME should appoint an individual as an Events Organiser.

The vision was that this person would then assist by overseeing and advising Games organisers who were taking responsibility for BSME sporting events. In this way, there would be one person who would be familiar with all of the logistics and potential challenges which arise each time. The current incumbent, Kate Sutton has been in situ for 2 years and provided invaluable support and assistance at a number of events and has enabled both further expansion and enhancement of the BSME Events to the benefit of even more students across the region.

The current situation has a wide variety of activities including netball, football, cricket, basketball, athletics, swimming and triathlon. In addition, music, performing arts and debating also hold major events through the year. All ages are catered for from age 7 through to age 18 and events are held throughout the Middle Eastern region. BSME provides a truly awesome range of opportunities for children to experience.

… and finally

At the point of writing, I am 5 days away from attending my final BSME Swimming Championships, 2 months away from attending my final BSME steering committee meeting and 3 months away from returning back to the UK for good.

BSME Games and Swimming will be one of the things which epitomises what school sport in the Middle East is about at its highest level. Having seen it grow from it’s infancy in 2003 to what it has become now has been a great experience and one I am proud of being part of.

I have had a very enjoyable, valuable and rewarding experience in my 14 years in the Middle East. I have been privileged to work alongside so many great teachers and parents. However, above all, the enthusiasm, determination and ultimately the smiles on the faces of the children will be what I remember and value most. These will stay with me for a very long time.

Chris Rowe
Director of Sport 2007 - 2015
DESS Dubai
Head of Primary PE 2004 - 2007
BISC Cairo
Head of PE 2001 - 2004
BISR Saudi Arabia

Andy Homden - What to expect!

*Andy Homden is set to deliver 'Linear Assessment & Independent Learning' in Dubai on the 6th & 7th March. Take a look at this course Andy ran in the UK last October for more information. This VIDEO gives you an insight into what Andy is trying to achieve - Please take a look!


Linear assessment and independent learning - Andy Homden leads two day October  training sessions  in Birmingham

IMG_2451 (640x427)There’s no shortage of change in the UK at moment. Testing at age 7 is coming back. National Curriculum Levels are gone. Modular assessment at A Level is on the way out. And, of all the government led initiatives, none is more important than the re-introduction of linear assessment at A Level. 

Not just another adjustment

This is not just another course or syllabus adjustment: preparing students for “the big tests” after a significant period of study is quite a proposition. There is nowhere to hide in the final exam, no short cut to success. At the invitation of Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College (JCSC), Andy Homden was in Birmingham before the mid – term break to lead training which focused on independent learning and linear assessment in Years 12 & 13.

Staff from JCSC were joined by colleagues from a number of Midlands – based colleges.  With the first new specification assessments due to take place in May and June 2017, Homden stressed how important it was for schools to consider adopting a consistent approach to the new requirements, suggesting that particular attention be paid to the development of three language skills across the curriculum: building vocabulary, developing independent writing, and adopting a school wide approach to building the necessary body of knowledge required by the new courses.

IMG_2441 (640x427)“Linear assessment has really forced the issue of independent learning” Homden commented. “Students are perfectly capable of  taking charge of their own learning in each subject, if they have learned how to plan and write independently, developed their academic vocabulary and built a systematic body of knowledge. Students prepared in this way will be at a significant advantage when they find themselves in the exam hall at the end of a two year course”.

The power of “Purposeful Practice”

Drawing on his IB and pre-modular assessment, Homden considers that  “Purposeful Practice”, an idea neatly developed by Olympic Table Tennis player and journalist, Matthew Syed in Bounce: the myth of talent and the power of practice is the key. If students are clearly shown what to do and then are allowed time repeatedly to practise the skill, under conditions that gradually become more demanding, and finally reproduce strict exam conditions, they can do it. Thjs is particularly true, in Homden’s view for writing. The approach also works for longer pieces of work, such as the IB’s Extended Essay.

“There is no reason why students, of varying abilities can’t write relevant, well-substantiated essays, even under the most trying of exam conditions, if they have been shown how, and have been allowed to practise”.

Students join two sessions

A novel aspect of this training is that, wherever possible, a group of students join their teachers for parts of the course. Having explored with them what they do well and what they would like to do better, a teaching session gets under way in which key aspects of the pedagogy are used. The 12 A2 students who attended the JCSC training  for 90 minutes on both days expressed their ideas about where they thought they needed to improve: confidence in public speaking, the use of more formal academic language, avoiding slang and condensing their notes were just four ideas to emerge that can be directly addressed by the methodology that Andy advocates.

Teachers were able to reflect not only on what they learned from the trainer, but also (as always) what they had learned  from each other, and in this case that included the students.

U11 Football 2015

20150123 143927


St Christopher’s School, Bahrain once again hosted the annual BSME U11 football competition for both Girls and Boys on the weekend of 23rd & 24th January.

This year we saw 7 girls teams and 13 boys teams participating in the tournament from 8 schools from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.


St Christopher's School, Bahrain

British International School Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Nadeen School, Bahrain

Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia

This years competition saw all teams playing each other twice before the semi final stage.  It was St Christopher's A Team that triumphed over British International School Jeddah in the final, winning 2-1.

Girls Results

Winners: St Christopher's A Team

2nd Place: British International School Jeddah

3rd Place: St Christophers's B Team

8xx   20150123 151829


St Christopher's School, Baharin

British School of Kuwait

Nadeen School, Bahrain

British International School Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Doha College, Qatar

Kuwait New English School

Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia

Compass International School, Al Khor, Qatar

This years competition saw all teams playing in the same group which meant that all schools played at least 12 games in the one day.  After some fantastic football, this time it was British International School Jeddah who came away with the winners trophy.

x4  x5  x2


Boys Results

Winners:  British International School Jeddah

2nd Place:  St Christopher's United Team

3rd Place: St Christopher's Rovers Team


"Thanks again for a great weekend, students loved it!"

"Thank you once again for a fantastic experience and hope to see you again next year"

"It was a brilliant day and one I particularly enjoyed as I score many goals"

" I had so much fun!"


Course Update - Julie Taylor - 9th/10th Feb

The following course is fast approaching therefore, we wanted to draw your attention to this CPD opportunity! Click HERE to be taken to the link.

9th/10th Feb 2016 - Julie Taylor's, Motivation & Resilience in Pastoral Care.

After 20 years teaching chemistry, leading and managing, in both the UK and UAE secondary education sectors, Julie decided to embark on a new season. With a growing desire to see the unique potential in students unlocked Julie spent two years researching individual and relationship development. She is now a certified professional coach for individuals and teams (CPCC, ACC, ORSC) with experience coaching in schools and businesses.

Educators know the power of class and school culture on students; that there is so much implicit learning that takes place as they observe the role modelling of teamwork and leadership in action. With this in mind Julie’s skills, observations and passion has culminated in Relationship Education and Coaching programmes for schools. These are based on current individual and team development strategies, including resonant leadership, growth mindset, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Her programmes provide powerful individual learning, experience of coaching tools and the opportunity to develop coaching skills that will impact on the learner, their team and their students.

The programmes could also be used for leaders within one school. This would provide the additional benefits of team development and a greater depth and sustainability of learning within that school. Here, there is also the opportunity for the programme content to be specifically designed for the school’s needs.

Purposeful living and sticking power – just a dream?

This is a teaching and coaching programme for leaders who want to see more of this dream become reality in their own school role and in the life of their peers and students. It is about exploring the questions ‘What motivates, what demotivates and how can we build resilience in students and teams?’ It is about exploring our pastoral roles, expanding our knowledge and understanding the critical ingredients for our own motivation and resilience, and having tools to help others uncover motivation, build resilience and strategies to encourage well-being along the journey. This programme is rich in experiential learning, personal reflection, current development theories and coaching tools. It involves practising coaching, exploring language and attitudinal energies, creating individual action and review plans, and producing a roadmap to support drive and commitment in others.
This programme offers you the opportunity to be an explorer - try new things, play, dream, have fun, face challenges, ‘fail’, be inspired, create, find something new.

Who should attend?
1) Pastoral leaders and anyone who wants to be able to uncover motivation and build resilience in themselves and others
2) This programme could also be used for leaders within one school. This would provide the additional benefits of team development and a greater 
depth and sustainability of learning within that school. Here, there is also the opportunity for the programme content to be specifically
 designed for the school’s needs

Aims of the Course
Provide experiential learning opportunities for leaders to increase their personal awareness and choice in the following areas:

1) Uncovering Motivation in self and others
2) Building Resilience in self and others
3) Encouraging self-worth and well-being

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness of basic psychological needs for well-being and their impact on motivation and resilience
  • Explore ways of deepening and strengthening own motivation and resilience
  • Create a personal vision for their work within their school
  • Awareness of demotivating factors, different cultural motivators and motivation approaches.

  • Use a variety of strategies and tools to uncover motivation in others
  • Create a roadmap to motivation
  • Gain basic knowledge of psychological parts of the brain and the changes during adolescence
  • Awareness of beliefs and mindsets that support and challenge resilience
  • Use a variety of strategies and tools to encourage resilience in self and others.

  • Create a roadmap for resilience
  • Be able to coach someone dealing with setbacks

Drama Festival 2015

Dumbshow x


Sherborne School, Qatar

Visiting Theatre Company


On the 12th-14th March 2015, Drama enthusiasts from St. Christopher’s School, Dukhan School and Doha College spent the weekend at Sherborne Qatar to enjoy the BSME Drama Festival.

The pupils met on the afternoon of Thursday 12th and embarked upon warm up exercises, which allowed them to share their Drama skills and start to work with pupils from other schools. Paul and Hannah led the workshop, resulting in short and high-energy performances that oddly all seemed to gravitate towards the theme of chicken and KFC!

Staff and students were then treated to the wonderful performance of ‘The Pearl’, by visiting theatre company Dumbshow. These talented actors kept us mesmerized through their engaging and haunting plot, their use of multi-role-playing and their imaginative use of simple props. This inspirational performance concluded an exciting day and set the tone for the work to come.

5                           4


Friday was a full on theatre extravaganza! Students were divided up into 6 superhero groups (Spiderman, Captain America, Superman, The Hulk, Batman & Iron Man). Each group had a 40-minute workshop with one of the actors and then rotated so that everyone experienced the skills and expertise of the visiting performers. These workshops established the foundation for the performances to come. Workshops included Mask work, Improvisation, Character development, Physical Storytelling, Physical theatre and a Voice workshop. The actors commented on the focus and attention of the pupils, who brought energy and commitment to these exciting activities.

The final hours were spent in four performance groups, led by the actors, preparing for the rehearsals the following day. Each group was given a Grimm’s Fairy Tale to devise from: Little Red Cap, Rapunzel and Hansel & Gretel. Actors, Staff and Students all left Sherborne that night exhausted but elated by the intensity of the day.

Saturday saw the culmination of all the work so far. Each group rehearsed for 4 hours to create a short performance that demonstrated choral speaking, imaginative physicality and characterization developed over the last few days. The performances were highly entertaining and imaginative. They reflected the high standards of the visiting actors and the quality of teamwork generated during the weekend.

Staff and students left the festival having formed new friendships, developed new skills and been reminded of the joy that collaborative Drama brings. Well done to all those who took part … we’ll never look at a chicken nugget in the same way again!



Bahrain 2017 Annual Conference

Download the conference information:

Conference Programme

Speaker Biographies

Young Musicians of the Gulf 2015

YMOG 2015 Final 002


The Young Musicians of the Gulf competition, organised by St Christopher's School, Bahrain and in its 16th year, attracted 111 musicians from 10 schools in Kuwait, Doha, Bahrain and the UAE.

In the lead up to the Grand Final, all the musicians had the opportunity to attend Master Classes led by each of the distinguished adjudicators – this year we were thrilled to be joined by conductor and examiner Richard Dickins, composer Christopher Adey, and flautist and teacher Atarah Ben-Tovim.

The judges noted that they were particularly impressed with the level of musical talent which was apparent throughout the competition, and the dedication of all the performers. A special mention was also given to the show of support and mutual respect that was clearly evident between all of the contestants throughout the competition.


Participating Schools

1. St Christopher's School, Bahrain

2. The British School, Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi

3. Dubai English Speaking College

4. Sharjah English Speaking School, UAE

5. Dubai College

6. British School of Kuwait

7. Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

8. Doha British School, Qatar

9. The English College, Dubai

10. Jumeirah English Speaking School


Adjudicators for 2015

Three music experts were flown in to judge the competition, this year we were thrilled to be joined by conductor and examiner Richard Dickins, composer Christopher Adey, and flautist and teacher Atarah Ben-Tovin.

In the lead up to the Grand Final, all the musicians had the opportunity to attend Master Classes led by each of the distinguished adjudicators.

The judges noted that they were particularly impressed with the level of musical talent which was apparent throughout the competition, and the dedication of all the performers. A special mention was also given to the show of support and mutual respect that was clearly evident between all of the contestants throughout the competition.


YMOG 2015 Final 013      YMOG 2015 Final 099


Trophies and Awards 2015

The BSME Young Musicians of the Gulf (YMOG) 2015 competition came to a spectacular close on Thursday evening at the Sofitel, with the judges crowning the winner in front of a VIP audience. The British ambassador to Bahrain, Iain Lindsay, presented the winner with his trophy.

Xiaolin Zhang from the Horizon School of Dubai, wowed both the judges and the audience with his impressive piano rendition of Chopin’s Funeral March Sonata No. 2, in B Minor Op.35, and the Grande Valse Brillante Op.18, also Chopin. This is Xiaolin’s second consecutive year at winning the title of ‘Young Musician of the Gulf’, an achievement made even greater given his young age of only 9.5 years.  Despite being the youngest of the finalists in the competition, which accepts entrants between the ages of 8 to 18, who are judged equally without any consideration of age, Zhang triumphed over singers, a cellist and tabla player in the final after performing two pieces by Chopin, including the downbeat Piano Sonata No 2, commonly known as The Funeral March. That mature repertoire is something the young musician is eager to expand and he dreams one day of being a professional pianist.

Hai Wei Li, from the British School of Kuwait, was the Runner Up with his beautiful renditions of Beethoven’s Allegro from Sonata Op. 10 No.2 and Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromtu in C # minor Op. 66, as well as Gershwin’s Prelude No.1 on the Piano.

YMOG 2015 Final 145         YMOG 2015 Final 150   YMOG 2015 Final 139


Winning Soloist: Xiaolin Zhang (Horizon School, Dubai)

Runner-Up Soloist: Hai Wei Li (The British School of Kuwait)

Ensemble Winner: Pearl Fishers Duet (Dubai College)

Young Composer Award: Niki Moosavi (British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi)

Owerkowicz  Bequest  Award  (Awarded  to  the  Most  Promising  Bahrain  Based  Musician):  Michel Toutoungy (St Christopher’s School, Bahrain)

Knights Bequest (Awarded to the Most Promising Musician 15 years or younger): Sriram Venkatesh (St Christopher’s School, Bahrain)

Piano Award: Matthew Smeda (Jumeirah English Speaking School, Dubai)

Woodwind Award: William Caley (St Christopher’s School, Bahrain)

Brass Award: Enya Rice (British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi)

Vocal Award: Zahid Siddiqui (Dubai College)

Bowed String Award: Joon Woo Jeong (Dubai College)

Debating Tournament 2015


Ahmed AlFardan 066


The fourth BSME Debating Tournament ran from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th November, hosted by St Christopher's Senior School.  The tournament was attended by schools from Kuwait, U.A.E., Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and involved more than 140 debaters.  There were 156 debates over the weekend, each of about 75 minutes duration, held over 8 Rounds and conducted in accordance to World Schools Debating Championships guidelines.


Participating Schools

British School of Kuwait

Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia

New English School, Kuwait

Dubai College

Kuwait New English School

Sherborne School, Qatar

St Christopher's School, Bahrain



Dubai College won the Junior Section and St Christopher’s School were runners up. The finalists in the Senior Section were both St Christopher’s teams. The motion was the same for both finals: This House would ban multi-media ownership. Other motions included a variety of political and environmental topics, such as, This House regrets the success of Donald Trump and This House believes we can cope with global warming.

Junior Winners: Dubai College

Mr. Shumraze Fawad

Mr. Yash Bhansali

Miss Rihana Al Nabani


Junior Runners up: St Christopher’s School

Ramsey Tawfick

Llewellyn Forward

Raza Akbari


Senior Winners: St Christopher’s School

Hesham Albaharna

Ali Al-Saffar

Abdulla Janahi

Feras Fayez


Senior Runners-up: St Christopher’s School

Harsh Ainapure

Anish Vishwakoti

Shawn Amirthan

Lulu Al Sugair

          Ahmed AlFardan 065             Ahmed AlFardan 068       


                                                                       Ahmed AlFardan 071


U11 Large School Games Pool 2, Abu Dhabi



Aldar Academies hosted the BSME 2015 Junior Games at the New York Abu Dhabi University campus from March 12 to 14.
The BSME Games is running for the 12th year and has become one of the most-awaited games on the calendar of British Schools across the Middle East. Over 300 children from 10 participating schools across the GCC traveled to Abu Dhabi, accompanied by teachers and spectators to compete in a range of sports which include football, basketball, athletics, netball and swimming.


 MG 7970     MG 9354   


IM5A1508   IM5A0388


Participating Schools

The schools taking part in the event included:-

1. Al Mushrif Primary School, Abu Dhabi

2. The Pearl Primary School,Abu Dhabi

3. Al Yasmina School, Abu Dhabi

4. Al Rabeeh School, Abu Dhabi

5. Doha College, Qatar

6. Kuwait English School,

7. British School Kuwait

8. British International School Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

9. British School Muscat, Oman

10.Cairo English School, Egypt

The Abu Dhabi 2015 BSME Games hoped to highlight that children play sport for different reasons—because it is fun, because the glory of pitting our skills against those of well-matched opponents is exhilarating, because we value our relationships with teammates or teachers, or because we feel the personal accomplishment of pushing our physical and emotional limits. Whatever the reason, true sport—that is, sport played hard, fair, and clean—fosters personal growth and social goods. In sum, sport adds value to our lives which the Aldar Academies hosted BSME Games fostered.

Furthermore the Abu Dhabi 2015 BSME Games highlighted the importance message that children have to be active every day. Sport and physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Today, research shows that the importance of sport and physical activity in children is stronger than ever. For example, medical researchers have observed that highly active children are less likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease later in life.  With such prominent social and health issue affecting the UAE this Aldar Academies BSME Games is supported by the public health awareness campaign ‘Diabetes-Knowledge-Action’
Robert Kirkland, event organiser and Head of P.E. at the Aldar Academies Al Mushrif Primary School stated “It is a real honour to host these Games. In addition to the wonderful opportunity for our schools to be involved in this renowned event; to make lasting friendships; to benefit from the remarkable facilities at NYU and to simply play sport at a high level.

There is a strong emotional link with the BSME Games. The Principal of the Pearl School, Alistair Bond,

actually started this event back in 2003 when he was a PE teacher working at an international school in Bahrain. I think it is fair to say that since those first games the event has developed and grown beyond his imagination. He is as delighted as I am that twelve years on we are able to host the event and capitalise on the remarkable facilities and resources available across Aldar Academies and here in Abu Dhabi.

Onto the Abu Dhabi 2015 BSME Games itself.
Despite one or two issues at immigration all 10 schools where present in the impressive NYU gymnasium for the opening ceremony. Egyptian professional triathlete Omar Nour, athlete ambassador at the event encapsulated students, teachers, parents and guests with a remarkable speech that, emphasised the importance of “giving their best”.
The students took his advice seriously, the games serving up some thrilling contests across the weekend. However in line with the competitive nature of the BSME Games there had to be winners and runners up.


Congratulations must go to Doha College who won both the Basketball and Netball.
Al Yasmina won both the Athletics and Swimming and British School of Jeddah won the Football.
All the sporting competitions where played to the highest standard and fair play and sporting etiquette where seen throughout by both student and teachers highlighting the positive values on display.
All five sporting competitions where wonderful spectacles of all that is was great about sport, engaging competition, sportsmanship, victory, defeat and camaraderie amongst the students.

Overall Results

1st Place: Doha College, Qatar

2nd Place: Al Yasmina

3rd Place; British School of Muscat, Oman





Overall it was all smiles for Doha College after being crowned champions of the Under-11 BSME Games over the weekend.
The Qatar-based school accumulated a total of 47 points, having finished first in basketball and netball, as well as runners-up in swimming, athletics and football. UAE’s Al Yasmina finished second with 38 points, while British School of Muscat completed the podium with 34 points.

The closing ceremony marked the end of the three-day competition at New York University Abu Dhabi, which attracted more than 300 students from 10 schools from across the Middle East.
John Tapster, head of primary PE at Doha College, lauded his team’s efforts.
“It’s a fantastic achievement. It wasn’t just about winning, it was about taking part. This is something that will live with them forever,” he said. “I was impressed with their commitment and attitude throughout. They never gave up and have been a real credit to the school. They can be proud of their achievements.”
Organiser Robert Kirkland, head of PE at Al Mushrif primary school, which finished fourth, was delighted with the level of competition.
“It was great to see so many students do so well over the three days,” he said. “The level of competition was very high in all disciplines, which was great to see, and hopefully they can learn from this experience.”
He added: “I would like to thank the National Ambulance, H20 Swim Club, Imperial College London Diabetes Cente, New York University and the 55 staff from Aldar Academies for making this a huge success.”

U11 Large School Games Pool 1, Qatar

  DSC 5729OpenDSC 5941


Qatar was proud to host the U11 BSME Games once again. With the rapid development and support for sport in the country, we knew that this event would be very special.
The 15 months of careful planning by Steve Wilkinson from Doha English Speaking School and myself, Andrew Dutton, from Al Khor International School ensured that the journey towards the U11 Games would endure many highlights and successes but also have many challenges on the way. One of the various highlights experienced was the opportunity to acquire a world class indoor sports facility. Aspire Zone is one of the world’s tops sporting centres where many world class athletes from all sporting disciplines have had the opportunity to visit or train in. With a full indoor football, swimming, basketball, netball and athletics track, we both knew this was an opportunity not to be missed. H.H Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani also found value in the BSME U11 Games and placed the games under her patronage.
Despite careful planning there was a real danger that many of the athletes were not being able to travel due to visa issues. However, with the help of some very influential people we were able to boast that not one person was denied a visa. With all 400+ athletes now in the country and ready to go, the BSME U11 Games 2015 were officially opened.

Participating Schools

The schools taking part in the event included:-

1. Doha English Speaking School

2. Al Khor International School

3. British International School Riyadh

4. St Christopher's, Bahrain

5. The British School of Abu Dhabi

6. The British School of Al Khubairat

7. Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

8. Dubai English Speaking School

9. Kings' School, Dubai

10. Modern English School Cairo

11. Horizon International School, Dubai

12. Sherborne School, Qatar

All were amazed at the opening ceremony with a spectacular gymnastics display and a song from the DESS choir. His Excellency British Ambassador Nicholas Hopton officially opened the BSME U11 Games with words of encouragement to all pupils to try hard but enjoy themselves as sport is a great tool to bring people together.
Basketball and netball were a great success. All the teams fought hard to get to the playoffs, with the competition as high as it was this year, teams had to dig deep to grab that top spot. Home team DESS Doha managed to win both events with some excellent team play and this was all displayed in a nail-biting final against DESS Dubai. Well done DESS Doha.

      DSC 5904  DSC 5898

This was the first BSME Football event played in a full indoor facility. With some help in refereeing and running of the event from the Qatar Stars League, all were set and ready for a great display of quality football. All teams were equally matched but there were moments of brilliance from individuals that set the teams apart. There were some amazing goals being scored that even professional footballers would be proud of. The British School of Al Khubairat and DESS Doha battled it out in the finals. Unfortunately there could only be one winner with The British School of Al Khubairat taking first place in the football event. What a final!

     DSC 6033  DSC 6026

Swimming started off with a splash in an amazing world class indoor facility. The grand stands were packed with spectators and the swimmers all nervous to showcase their skills in the water. With two heats per event, swimmers needed to ensure they battled against the clock to gain a podium finish. A special thanks to Hamad Aquatics for managing the event. It was highly entertaining with many races to close to call as swimmers finished neck in neck. Thanks to the help of technology, touch pads ensured that all times were accurate and placing’s were correct. Swimming in the BSME has always been strong with many schools displaying outstanding talent in this particular sport. One individual school is DESS Dubai who has won this event in the past. Making sure they stay at the top DESS Dubai managed to win the swimming event again. Congratulations!

DSC 6395  DSC 6373  DSC 6331

There was great excitement and anticipation for the Athletics Event. Some of the top athletics stars in the world have run on the same surface and the excitement could be felt in the air by all the spectators and athletes. Race after race the athletes pushed themselves to achieve first place for their school. A great event that all athletes can be proud of. Well done to DESS Dubai for taking first place.

Overall Results

1st Place: Doha English Speaking School
2nd Place: Dubai English Speaking School
3rd Place: The British School Al Khubairat

The ethos of BSME Games is very special and strives to reflect true sportsmanship in every child during a spectacular week end of sport. I know that events such as these will create unique and personal memories to each athlete for many years to come. These memories could already be seen on everyone’s faces as they all met for the closing ceremony. A big celebration was held to highlight every child’s success over the week end. Steve and I both believe that every child returned to their respective schools a winner. Knowing that, the BSME U11 Games was a great success.
Special thanks to schools, sponsors and everyone who helped make the games amazing. I am already looking forward to the next event.

U15 Games 2014-15

U15 Games 1

BIS Abu Dhabi very proudly hosted the prestigious BSME U15 Games 2014 between 27 - 29 November, which were a huge success.

11 BSME schools competed from countries such as Kuwait, Bhrain, Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The Games officially commenced with a rousing opening ceremony which included the UAE National anthem sung by the BIS Abu Dhabi school choir and a performance by their samba band.

x  Y

Day 1

The BSME U15 Games started off with the football tournament at Zayed Sports City. The standard of performance from all schools at the Football was excellent.

 Girls Football Results 

1. Al Khor International School, Qatar

2. Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

3. Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia

 f23   f18

Boys Football Results

1. St Christopher's School, Bahrain

2. Al Khor International School, Qatar

3. Mesaieed International School, Qatar

Day 2 

Day two took place on the Athletics field at Zayed Sports City, followed by the girls netball and boys basketball. Athletics with events such as track, long jump and high jump.

a29   a24 a12  a21  


Day 3

The third and final day of the BSME U15 Games again involved the boys basketball held at New York University and girls netball at Zayed Sports City. The standard of performance was yet again excellent from all schools at the netball.

Basketball Results

1. British School Kuwait

2. Al Khor International School, Qatar

3. British International School, Cairo

Netball Results

1. New English School, Kuwait

2. Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

3. British School Kuait

The event was concluded in grand fashion with the award ceremony gala.

Overall Results

The Games were hugely successful with many smiling faces, and every child who attended the U15 BSME Games were a credit to their schools.

Congratulations to the overall winners of the competition:

1st place: Al Khor International School, Qatar
2nd place: Mesaieed International School, Qatar
3rd place: New English School, Kuwait

x 2

U11 Small School Games, Sharjah, 2015

xoverall trophies


In March Sharjah English School (SES) hosted their first ever BSME competition. Schools travelled from 8 different countries across the gulf to take part in 3 days of sport and fun activities along the way. Over 200 athletes enjoyed the opening ceremnoy which included some of SES’s own music bands and singers to welcome them to the Games. Once all the students had changed into their new BSME Games t-shirts and opened their goody bags with their own ID badges, laynards and visors, they were ‘good to go’ for the first event – the Swimming Gala.

Participating Schools

The schools taking part in the Games included:-

1. Sharjah English School

2. Horizon School, Dubai

3. The Eglish School, Kuwait

4. Dhahran British Grammar School

5. Jumeirah English Speaking School, Arabian Ranches

6. British International School, Cairo

7. International Community School, Jordan

8. Jeddah Prep & Grammar School

9. Park House English School

A packed poolside with some fun music motivated the swimmers to do their best and created a big atmosphere for the first competition of the Games. Squads from all schools won races in the 48 Gala events. Overall, this event was very close in scores, with JESS just pipping TES and Horizon to the trophy.

After the Swimming Gala all the competitors enjoyed the pool party, with party music, inflatables, and much fun in general, before tucking into pizza and ice cream before heading home or to hotel.

Friday morning saw the Track and Field competition. The sun was shining and the atmosphere buzzing for another day on the playing fields of SES. Students competed in both track and field competitions, and when not racing cheered on their friends, with awesome views from the stadium seating, located in a prime position for the finish line. The winners, once again, were JESS, clsoely followed by TES and BISC.

            xJESS swimming and athleics winners 2   xboys athletics start line                                                            JESS Swimming & Athletics Winners

In the afternoon the competition turned to basketball, and the atmopshere was electric inside the full-to-capacity sports hall, with loud chants and cheers by both students and supporting spectators alike. Qualified officials provided expert referring for the tense pool and positional matches. The final was between TES and JESS, which TES won in a close game. Park House were victorious in the third-fourth play off against BISC.

On Friday evening some schools took in some local Dubai sights and went to experience two of ‘The World’s Biggest’ – the Dubai Mall and the Burj Kalifa. Students spent fun time in the world’s biggest mall and taking photos of the world’s tallest building.

    xoutdoor basketball                xnetball in action 1  

The final day was divided into the Boys’ Football and Girls’ Netball. The football tournament was refereed by some of our local football clubs, who did a great job. There were 3 pools plus a ‘BSME Dream Team’, enabling almost all boys to play some football throughout the day. Some of the knock-out games were decided by the ‘sudden-death’ penalty competition. The final was between TES and ICS, won by TES. The third-fourth play off game saw BISC beat JESS. The overall trophy competion was becoming closer and closer.

The Girls’ Netball was played indoors as well as and outdoors. Once again there was great support from parents and spectators, with much singing and applause. I have never witnessed such an exciting final as the one between JESS and TES. After the 2 quarters the game went to extra time, but with the scores still level, a second set of extra time then needed to be played. TES won the centre pass and with ‘golden goal’ as the deciding format, TES finally took away the trophy on this occasion. A very big ‘well done’ to both players and umpires for holding the game together under such pressure.

The U11 Small School Games was then over for another year, with TES taking the Overall Event Trophy back to Kuwait. ICS from Jordan took the honoured prize for ‘Fair Play’ home with them – with lots of supportive comments from all the Tournament players, which was most pleasing to see. A weekend full of highlights was rounded off with a Carinval, where students were able to play fairground games, climb inflatables and enjoy a BBQ supper. We do hope SES created a truly friendly atmosphere and spirit for these Games. Many thanks again to all staff and students for coming to the SES BSME Games, and we do hope to see you all again next year.

Overall Winners

xTeam photo U11  The English School, Kuwait 

U16 Cricket 2015



The inaugural BSME cricket tournament was held on Feburary 5th 2015 organised by Sherborne School & Dukhan School, Qatar.



 Dukhan School, Qatar

Participating Schools

Dukhan School

Sherborne School

Al Khor International School

Despite only a small entry this year due to a change of venue, the tournament was played with a good spirit and attitude by all the players.

In the first match Al Khor was bowled out for 39 and despite the loss of an early wicket, Sherborne completed the victory with plenty of overs to spare. In the next match, Al Khor posted a better total in their allotted overs reaching 89 for 5 wickets, but Dhukan proved too strong and won the game without losing a wicket comfortably with their overs.

The deciding game also proved to be one sided as Dhukan beat Sherborne by 9 wickets. Sherborne batted first and although scored steadily lost key wickets at the wrong times and only Ben Gough with 40 not out showed any resistance. Superb batting by Maaz Alam eased Dhukan to victory; his rapid 46 not out proving to be the best innings of the day.



Dhukan victorious winner of the BSME Cricket 2015.


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