NEW Website Area - CPD in Action

Page Link : http://www.bsme.org.uk/cpd/cpdinaction.html

Essentially we see this as an area where members can share thoughts, experiences and resources that may help support other members in developing their CPD programme.  There is therefore no fixed structure or format. Contributions do not have to be from Principals and Headteachers; they can be from anyone wishing to contribute. They can be short or long. Examples of what/how you could contribute might be:

  • Think piece – on anything to do with CPD. For example, reflections on the value of CPD in your context, the challenges of measuring the impact of CPD etc.
  • Case studies  - members can share their success stories with their colleagues by posting case studies and the results of any action research or joint practice development  projects that have enhanced teaching and learning
  • Useful resources – members can share any CPD resources they feel may be useful to other member schools, such as CPD Policies, Professional Development Record Templates, Individual Action Plan Templates etc. or perhaps links to useful CPD sites

We hope this initiative will enable schools throughout the region to connect more easily and allow for a greater sharing of information, ideas and best practice.  We would love to be able to share an article/idea/resource with you every week but of course this is entirely dependent on the level of participation! I hope you will all endeavour to support ‘CPD in Action’ by contributing throughout the year. 

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