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Max Eisl (Director Sales - International)

+1 860.406.8159




Finalsite is the global leader in websites for schools. More than 1500 schools in 75 countries choose Finalsite's web marketing and communications platform for its award-winning design, best-in-class web software, and integration with 50+ ed tech partners.

We provide:

  • An intuitive website management tool
  • State-of-the are learning management system
  • Internet marketing services
  • Integration with partners including iSAMS, WCBS, Managebac and more
  • A robust, paperless enrollment solution

We have team members around the world ready to assist schools. Visit our website to see the conferences we will be attending this academic year.You can also view our portfolio www.finalsite.com/portfolio or sign-up for our blog to receive information just for schools. www.finalsite.com/blog

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