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Principal Aparna Verma
Faculty Curriculum
103 FT 4 PT National Curriculum of England
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Special Needs Provision

From its opening four decades ago to the school we attend today, the vision and mission has remained constant – to provide an exceptional educational opportunity to all who are admitted to Dubai Scholars.

Founded in 1976, Dubai Scholars Private School was built to serve the primary care needs of the early expatriate population. Under the direction of the Scholars International Group, DS has grown from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in the UAE.

Starting from a villa in Deira, the school expanded as the demand for more classes grew. The school soon moved to two villas and eventually to seven. By the early nineties, DS moved into the full-purpose facility at its current location. State of the art facilities and key concepts were incorporated to create an environment that was conducive to dynamic learning.

Like our students, we are continually evolving as an institution. Education is a dynamic field and Dubai Scholars continually grows and redefines itself. From incorporating the current pedagogies and curriculum changes to mandatory teacher development courses, Dubai Scholars always seeks new ways to improve upon itself.

And while we will continue to grow ourselves, Dubai Scholars still maintains the very principles on which the school was built: respect, intellectual curiosity, action, responsibility. It is these principles that have allowed us to create the environment from which our students excel.

Our Education Programme:

Dubai Scholars offers the highly regarded British curriculum following the Edexcel programme at Key Stage 4 for the IGCSE and A Level programme.

Our strong focus on academic development is attested by the fact that we are a certified A Level testing center for the UAE — a privilege given only to schools of the strongest academic achievement.

Over the school's forty years, the curriculum has broadened as we encourage students to reach for excellence. Our strong programme offers students both a strong academic structure and creative outlets.

Sports, languages, performing arts, multi-cultural interactions, and community service are but a few of the numerous programmes that balance our academic core to promote well-rounded student-leaders.

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