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Sultanate of Oman - Salalah

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1 HT, 8FT teachers, 5PT teacher assistants National Curriculum of England
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The British School Salalah is a small, nonprofit community school gifted to the British community in Salalah in the 1970s by the Sultan of Oman. It began its life as a few huts on the beach built to educate the children of the British Military who were posted in Salalah in the 1980s and, over the passage of time, has blossomed into a school that educates 112 children of many different nationalities on a purpose-built site in Dahariz.

What We Offer:
The British School Salalah enables children to have a varied and diverse curriculum from the Early Years all the way through to Year 8.

  • The core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science are at the heart of a broader suite of subjects preparing our students to be well-grounded lifelong learners.
  • In a world where we are becoming increasingly reliant on computer technology, which is continually advancing, our Information Computer Technology (ICT) curriculum taught by our dedicated ICT teacher caters to children as young as 5.  The school has invested in laptops that are available for all of our students to use.
  • The Physical Education curriculum at the British School focuses on developing children’s fine motor skills at a young age and moves on to learning about various sports, movement, and teamwork.
  • Arabic and French are taught to all of our children at different levels depending on their abilities.  Language lessons at the British School are taught in a nonconventional way in which learning is made fun.  Our children will often learn about the culture and the food along with the language through songs and games.
  • Performing Arts is taken very seriously by our children, and they love to be involved in plays, assemblies, skits, and talent shows.  The British School offers its children many avenues in which to express themselves in a creative environment which showcases their talents.
  • The British School has two age-appropriate play areas – one for the younger years and another for our older children.  We also offer our children a grass pitch for sports such as football and cricket as well as a netted area for bowling practise.
  • Our Education Outside the Classroom Programme is all encompassing and includes a variety of extracurricular activities, school trips, and also many Parent Teacher Association (PTA) planned school events.  Great emphasis is put on this programme which includes after-school activities like Hands on Science, Diving, Cookery, Art, Choir, Guitar lessons, Football, Fitness Fun, and many more.  Each class will embark on at least one school trip in the year, and the older years will also have the opportunity to go on a camping trip overnight.
  • The British School Salalah values the parent contribution to a child’s education and nurtures the relationship between the parents and the school.  We have an active PTA who liaise regularly with our parents so that we ensure that their concerns, ideas, and desires are always known to us.
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