Belvedere British School, Abu Dhabi

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Address Admissions
PO BOX 109770
Mohammed Bin Zayed City
UAE - Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 5090000


Email: enquiries@belvederebritishschool.com

Principal / Head of School Ciaran Cunningham-Watson
Faculty Curriculum
71 F/T
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
Enrolment Fee
Special Needs Provision
Belvedere British School Abu Dhabi was established in 2012 to provide a British education for pupils from 4 to 14 years of age. All English Medium subjects follow the new National Curriculum for England and students aspire to achieve a wide range of Edexcel GCSE’s, IGCSE’s and A levels.
The school is a sister school of the original 134 years old school, The Belvedere Preparatory School, which was established in 1880, it also has associations with other UK schools including Stockport School. 
Our school has a diverse community. It embraces and represents different cultures, religions and family backgrounds, within the context of the local community. We believe that this richness makes all families feel valued and all children included. It treats each of its pupils as an individual and encourages them to become independent, questioning and creative thinkers who are able to fulfil their potential
Currently, the school extends up to Year 9 opening Year 10 in 2015. All pupils at our school undertake studies in the widest possible curriculum, which includes specialist teaching in Art, Music, Science, French, History, Geography, Physical Education and Arabic Studies. Participation in the fullest range of extra curricular activities is seen as essential and enriching. All of our English Medium teachers are recruited from the UK and have recognised teaching qualifications. They come with a wealth of UK educational knowledge and skills. 
The school ensures that individual student’s learning needs are identified, we welcome children who aspire to meet our high expectations to learn and make progress within our educational context and become an integral part of our school community.
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