Al Wisam International School

Website Age     Infant Junior Senior
awis.edu.bh From 3 to 18 Yes Yes Yes
Address Admissions
Building 81
Road 54
Block 475
Abu Saiba

Tel: +973 17699595

Fax: +973 17699883

Email: principal@awis.edu.bh

Head Pre School Arfa Mudassar
Principal/Headteacher Dr Lina Lewis
Deputy Head Teacher Amaal Al Halwachi
Faculty Curriculum
72 FT 1 PT EYFS, Cambridge Y1-9, IGCSE & AS, A2
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
Checkpoints, IGCSE, AS, A2 20
Enrolment Fee
837 Nursery - Annual fee 886BHD + 90BHD Books

Reception - Annual fee 886BHD + 90BHD Books

Year 1 - Annual fee 985BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 2 - Annual fee 1024BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 3 - Annual fee 1065BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 4 - Annual fee 1118BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 5 - Annual fee 1157BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 6 - Annual fee 1198BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 7 - Annual fee 1596BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 8 - Annual fee 1796BHD + 120BHD Books

Year 9 - Annual fee 1997BHD + 150BHD Books

Year 10 - Annual fee 2857BHD + 150BHD Books

Year 11 - Annual fee 2857BHD + 200BHD Books

Year 12 - Annual fee 3000BHD + 200BHD Books

Year 13 - Annual fee 3000BHD + 200BHD Books

Special Needs Provision

Al Wisam School was founded in September 2004. The school is an independent Co-ed school from the ages 3 to 18 (Nursery to A-Level). Our educational plan follows the guidelines set out by the Cambridge and Edexcel Curriculum of the UK in addition to the National Curriculum of Bahrain for Arabic, Islamic and Citizenship. It is designed to give each child a broad and diverse International education. The faculty members consist of approximately 12 different nationalities.
At Al Wisam School every pupil is valued as an individual. It is a safe, secure and positive environment which values each pupil’s development and progression. The school uses a wealth of local resources to enhance children’s learning and makes meaningful links with the curriculum.
The school is affiliated with University of Cambridge International Examinations for its IGCSE and Edexcel International Exams (Year 10 -11) and AS/A Level Year 12/ 13) programs. Our high school diploma is recognized by Ministry of Education in Bahrain and we are working towards accreditation with the best agencies worldwide. Our students are widely accepted in universities all over the world.
In June 2011, the school moved into a brand new campus in Shakhoura area of Budaiya Road, within minutes of the Seef Shopping Centre. The new campus provides high quality indoor and outdoor spaces for learning, recreation and eating. The central villa at the middle of the campus houses pre-school classes, main reception, board room and the Senior Leadership Team.
Other shared spaces include a library and new ICT facilities, a multi-purpose hall big enough to accommodate all the children and a separate cafeteria. At the centre of the school is a large football yard with artificial turf, sunny courtyard which is the focus for many activities every school day. It provides a versatile and creative space in which to learn, eat and play. Attractively landscaped with trees, shrubs, grass and a small pond, the outside environment provides a wide variety of opportunities for play, learning and community use.
The Middle and High School three story building houses twenty four additional classrooms, two science laboratories; Biology/Chemistry and Physics Laboratories; administrative offices for the social counsellor, building supervisor, server room and cafeteria. In September 2013 the new elementary school building was officially opened which houses 21 classes.

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