GEMS Metropole School - Motor City

Website Age     Infant Junior Senior
www.gemsmetropoleschool-dubai.com From 3 to 16 Yes Yes Yes
Address Admissions
PO Box 392980

Honsho Road
, Motor City
UAE - Dubai

Tel: +971 4550 7200


Email: reception_mts@gemsedu.com

Principal/Headteacher Anthony Cashin
Faculty Curriculum
202 FT National Curriculum of England
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
Enrolment Fee
3100 Tuition Fees

Year Level KHDA Approved Annual Tuition Fees


Foundation Stage 1 33,792

Foundation Stage 2 36,864

Year 1 39,936

Year 2 39,936

Year 3 39,936

Year 4 39,936

Year 5 39,936

Year 6 39,936

Year 7 45,056

Year 8 45,056

Year 9 45,056

Year 10 45,056

Year 12 45,056
Special Needs Provision
Learning letters and numbers is the foundation for reading and mathematics. Learning to read, write and calculate is the foundation for exploration. Exploration is the foundation for discovery. Discovery is the foundation for innovation.

… and that is only the tip of the education iceberg at GEMS Metropole School! Welcome to the school that is preparing students to go into the world of tomorrow and excel in it.

GEMS Metropole School is a private GEMS Education school in Dubai’s Motor City, offering the National Curriculum for England for Foundation Stage to Year 9 students; with plans to grow to become a Foundation Stage to Year 13 school in the coming years.

Our school provides a high standard, international education to students from all over the world. Our culturally diverse student-body influences our programme as we tailor the traditional English curriculum to meet the needs and expectations of the modern global student.
The modern global student lives in a world where information travels at the speed of light, and alongside individual cultures is an international culture where knowledge is shared and developed. And it is our goal to prepare the modern global student for the world they will work in … the world of tomorrow.

As a GEMS Education school, learning through innovation, growing by learning, pursuing excellence and global citizenship are at the heart of our teaching philosophy. And we encourage students to understand themselves, develop their identities and competencies, and take advantage of opportunities, as they grow to become lifelong learners in the quest for knowledge.
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