Al Mamoura Academy

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Address Admissions
PO Box 128484
UAE - Abu Dhabi

Tel: 00 971 28132200

Fax: 00 97 1281 32233


Principal/Head of School Wendy Roderick
Deputy Head Teacher Kelly Mansbridge
Faculty Curriculum
41 Full Time English National Curriculum with Arabic/Islamic/Social Studies
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
UK Sats, QCAs
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Special Needs Provision

Al Mamoura Academy is a mixed primary and girls-only secondary school located near the Sea Palace off the East Ring Road, in Abu Dhabi, which will have its inaugural intake of students in August 2016.

Al Mamoura’s mixed primary school is the new site for the students currently attending Al Mushrif, which was recently rated “Outstanding” by Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). The primary school endeavours to enable pupils to reach their full potential and develop them into motivated, ambitious and confident lifelong learners. Male students attending Al Mamoura’s primary school will receive automatic placement to Al Bateen when they progress to secondary school.

Al Mamoura’s girls-only secondary school is an exciting first for Aldar Academies. In recent years, studies have highlighted the benefits of all-girls education that has resonated with educators from all backgrounds. Our aim is to provide girls with an education based on best-in-class teaching methods, a range of extra-curricular activities and the promotion of leadership skills, in order to prepare them to be effective contributors and confident leaders of the future.

Al Mamoura Academy will exclusively follow the English National Curriculum during the primary years, and offer one of two pathways in secondary school. Al Mamoura Academy employs an English National Curriculum tailored for international students.

Where appropriate, students can take our enhanced Arabic and Islamic Studies syllabi, preparing them for the unified Ministry of Education examinations.

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