Scholars International Academy

Website Age     Infant Junior Senior
www.scholarsinternationalacademy.com From 4 to 18 Yes Yes Yes
Address Admissions
PO Box 47425
UAE - Sharjah

Tel: 00 971 6 535 5033

Fax: 00 971 6 535 5034

Email: principal@scholarsinternationalacademy.com

Principal/Head of School Nigel Melen
Head of EYFS Belinda Melaard
Head of Primary Nazish Malik
Head of Secondary/Vice Principal Rob Ellis
Faculty Curriculum
94 FT University of Cambridge, UK Nat Curr, M of E Sharjah and Edexcel
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE and A Level, CAT, GL 60
Enrolment Fee
1250 From AED 23,500  in Foundation 1 to AED 36000 in Year 13.

Academic Scholarships are available for Year 12 and Year 13.
Special Needs Provision
Our Vision is to provide a student centred learning environment where our children are at the core of their own learning and become authors of their own futures. We want our children to be prepared for the challenges of life and have the critical skills and communicative abilities to tackle those challenges that have yet to surface, in this rapidly evolving society. Our children will be confident individuals who are comfortable in taking risks but have the values to act with thoughtfulness and humility. They will be successful in the path they choose and be tolerant and respectful of all cultures and beliefs. They will be lifelong learners that find inspiration and happiness as part of their daily lives.
Our Mission
Our mission is to fulfil our vision through a challenging learning environment that encourages high standards and expectations through development-appropriate instructions that allow for individual differences and learning styles. We will do this through the use of highly qualified teachers who have the best of their children at heart and are able to deliver stimulating lessons that foster inquiry and creativity. We will do this within a safe and nurturing environment that supports and encourages each child’s academic, personal, physical and social growth. We will also do this through a co-operative and proactive relationship with the parents, making them part of the educational process in an environment where learning is enjoyable.
Our Teaching Philosophy
Our teaching philosophy is based on creating dynamic and engaging learning environments within the strong framework of our UK Cambridge Curriculum. Unlocking each child's potential is our goal. Our educational pedagogy is directed towards finding and nurturing the learner within each child by asking the question: "How can we contribute to the growth of your child?"
Students are challenged to achieve their full potential through a rigorous academic programme guided by the dedicated professional educators. We are a school that believes in community and have learners and teachers from around 60 countries. Our National Curriculum of England and Wales, enriched by the Cambridge programme and teaching methodology, is the international standard for British education.
Other Comments
Our Principal, Mr. Nigel Melen, is currently the BSME country representative for the Northern and Eastern Emirates.

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