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BSME Primary Creative Writing Event

Online | Modern English School Cairo

This is an online competition, which was launched in 2017, to provide students who attend BSME member schools in the Middle East with an opportunity to demonstrate their ideas and imagination through writing. It also offers students a platform to an international audience who will read and judge their work.

Since its launch, some extremely talented young writers have submitted their work to an international audience to read. We hope that aspiring young writers will be given the opportunity to shine through platforms such as this.

The theme of the event this year will be HERO WANTED... The world needs a new superhero.

Write a thrilling story, poem or a short graphic novel about your superhero (real-life or imaginary) and describe how they will save humanity.

Further information about the event and the code of conduct can be found here.

Registration for this event is now closed. 

This event is open to all BSME member schools subject to availability.