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About BSME

Strengthening Schools | Serving Students

BSME supports a network of high quality British international schools in the region. In addition, we facilitate an invaluable partnership between member schools and business partners specialising in educational services, products and tools.

BSME Guiding Statements The BSME Guiding Statements were purposefully created to reflect our commitment to providing sustained, unwavering support to our community of schools. Shifting from a vision and mission stance, we have pivoted to focus on purpose, culture, and values; a focus that informs our daily pursuits and future endeavours.


BSME's purpose is to connect, support and represent our community of schools, enriching the educational experience of tomorrow's global citizens and helping them towards purposeful, fulfilling lives for a better world.


The BSME community strives for excellence through a forward-thinking culture of collegiality. collaboration, communication and innovation.


BSME is a professional organisation underpinned by the values of integrity, respect, inclusion and a drive towards sustainability.

What Makes Us


School Members

making us the largest membership organisation in the region.



around the globe.




our raison d'etre.


Professional Learning

opportunities to support career progression pathways.