We pride ourselves on the ability to offer unique experiences for students to represent their school and participate in both competitive and non-competitive events with other BSME students across the Middle East. Our aim is to foster teamwork and determination, celebrate diversity within the region and provide every student the opportunity to be the best they can be. Our Students programme is largely hosted by our wonderful member schools who strive to provide the best experience for our students. Our Student events, including the BSME Games, are offered exclusively to BSME member schools.

Further information about the Student Events 2021-22 can be found here. Further information about the BSME Games 2021-22 can be found here.


BSME Games 2021-22
The BSME Student Events Calendar 2021-22 is available to view above. Schools that are required to apply for approvals to attend any events for next year can now start applying.

The BSME Games registration form will be sent to all member schools on 10 September 2021. All schools wishing to participate in any/multiple Games must complete this form by 12:00 GST on 01 October 2021 (a period of two weeks).

The BSME Executive Committee and the BSME Heads of PE Committee will assess each event individually on 01 October 2021 to confirm whether the events will be taking place or not. BSME will then confirm the decision with the host school, before relaying decisions to the membership.

Plan A | BSME Games will proceed as planned
01 October: BSME confirms that the events will take place as scheduled.
04 - 08 October: Invoices are sent to each school for their non-refundable Games deposit fee for ALL Games that they have requested to participate in.
11 - 19 November: Schools will have this window to make their non-refundable deposit(s) of $3000 per school, per team entry. If your school is entering an U15 and U13 team, there will be a fee of $3000 per Games, so $6000 will be due.
19 November: If the deposit is not received by 19 November 2021, schools will not be able to participate in the Games under any circumstances.

Plan B | BSME Games will be cancelled
01 October: BSME cancels the events in their current format.
BSME will support the membership and help administrate individual country events where possible.

BSME Student Events (Non-Games)
BSME will review whether events will take place individually in consultation with the host school on 01 October 2021. An update will be provided after this date.

Preventative Measures
The BSME Executive and HoPE Committees will be reviewing all risk assessments for Student events with COVID-19 in mind to ensure the safety of the students, staff, and parents. Further information about this will be available on 01 October 2021.

Should anyone have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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